Nový Most, New Bridge, Slovakia

I crossed Nový Most, the New Bridge of Bratislava twice. The first time, i.e. while entering the city I wasn’t quite prepared. The huge structure just came and went. That was because of the speed, we couldn’t afford to hold up the traffic behind us entering city for the sake of photographing the famous landmark, a wonder bridge of the city.

So, while exiting, I prepared myself. We stayed in the right lane, maintained slow speed and managed to get memorable pictures of the bridge. This bridge is over the river Danube in Bratislava. It is the world’s longest cable-stayed bridge to have one pylon and one cable-stayed plane. The flying saucer-shaped structure, houses a restaurant, called “UFO”. Won’t it be cool to have a lunch or something up there, while enjoying the grand view of the city!

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