My First Exhibited Photograph

World Water Day is celebrated internationally on March 22, the UN-designated day. The Goethe-Institut of Bangalore had given a call for photographs of open wells. I was thrilled when I came to know one of my pictures was selected for the exhibition. This again is another ‘first’ in my life. As I was walking around the exhibition hall, through the corner of my eye I was seeing whether people paused before my photograph… for how long… wondering whether they actually liked the image.

The event was a well organized one and the issue a very serious one. The rate at which ground water is getting depleted it is high time we take notice and remedial measures. Read more: Goethe-Institut celebrates World Water Day

This photo was taken Hampi, Karnataka, a World Heritage Site. It is Pushkarni a stepwell of Hampi. Pushkarni, as it was known then during the reign of Vijayanagar Empire between 14th to 16th century. This stepwell was discovered three decades back exposing the exemplary engineering skills present in the medieval times. The square tank measures 22m X 22m and 7m deep. The remains of outlet of the aqua duct feeding the well can be seen in the picture.

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