Movenpick in Bangalore

The summers are long gone; rains have drenched the Bangaloreans more than once in this season yet their craving for ice cream never seems to end. World famous ice cream brands seem to home in on Indians’ indulgence, craving and their willingness to buy on impulse.

Latest in the market here is the famous Swiss chain Movenpick. I was one of the few lucky bloggers who attended their pre launch bloggers’ meet. We were presented with wide range of dessert combinations. It was hard for me to be loyal to one of them. I tasted one ice cream I swore it is THE best I ever tasted, but as soon as I tasted the next one I voted the next one THE best! It was hard for me to choose one!

Caramelita. Two scoops of Caramelita ice cream on base of cream with caramel sauce topped with caramel pieces and garnished with wafer biscuit and whipped cream…

Peche Melba. Two scoops of Vanilla ice cream placed on poached peaches drizzled with raspberry sauce, garnished with whipped cream and topped with almond flakes…

What I liked best is that: their products are made without artificial additives, artificial flavorings or artificial colors! With this Natural Policy they have developed several innovations over the years, ever since they started in 1948. It is hard for ordinary ingredients to match this.

I also like their impeccable presentation of their desserts, though I am not sure if I have been able to do full justice in capturing their presentation.

The shakes kept coming…
You can choose from over 20 flavours to make your own shake…



The Movenpick joint is located at Lavelle Road, Bangalore. It is a cute little place to hang around and they have the take home packs too. The affluent consumer base and the ‘newly conscious of natural products’ young adults are definitely going to enjoy this brand!

The happy team of Movenpick in Bangalore.


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