Madrid Walking Tour, Spain

What do you see when you have just a day for city Like Madrid! After a lot of planning and brain storming we settled to do a self guided Madrid Walking tour, walking along the streets from Puerta del Sol to Royal Palace Loop.

Memorable Madrid Walking Tour

The first iconic sight that captured our attention as soon as we got out of the glass fish Metro entrance was “Statue of Bear and the Strawberry Tree”. I always knew strawberries grew in small plants. The tree is madrono tree producing a berry Here the sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé (1906-1983) has depicted it as a tree representing the heraldic arms of the town, and original symbol of the city. Madrid’s official symbol, it is made partly with stone and partly with bronze, hard to miss it on Preciados street from Puerta del Sol. I doubt if any tourist would have crossed this spot without taking the pic of this iconic symbol of Madrid!

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Puerta del Sol is the ideal spot to start your Madrid walking tour. You can refer to it as heart of Madrid City. The architecture around is amazing, just four stories yet must have been like skyscrapers during the days they were built. Plaza San Idlefonso with its fountain makes another best photography spot. A bronze statue of King Charles III on horseback adorns the centre of square. The buildings around have a history of their own.


Rick Steves mentions in his guide – The bell atop the governor’s house chimes 12 times, while Madrilenoseat one grape for each ring to bring good luck through each of the next 12 months!

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Every street from here spreading out into the city has a name and so uniquely displayed in tiles on the walls. The pictures along with the names give a good idea on what basis the street has been named so. Knowing Spanish of course helps. So we went walking street after street. The Calle de Postas has the coach that carried post those days. Puerta del Sol – Gate of the Sun, named after a gate at the eastern gate of the old city, that has now disappeared.

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The little balconies or windows with their flowering pots, locals walking their dogs, made it all so colorful and cheerful. The beautiful houses were designed for upper middle class citizens of Madrid during the beginning of last century. The buildings share a common British style looks, I just hoped they don’t come under the hammer and get replaced by modern buildings.

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There are several markets and cafes along the route. We visited the Mercado de San Miguel, a market place built mostly of iron and glass. Several high end vendors displayed their produce ranging from gourmet food to wines and tapas. I found the items in market very highly priced, cherries cost 17euros a kilo compared to 2euros in Lisbon Portugal.

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Plaza Mayor of Madrid

The last spot of our Madrid walking tour was the Plaza Mayor, a large cobbled square of Madrid. This was city’s main square from medieval times. Three storey building running all around the square looked so similar to Plaza Mayor of Salamanca, except that there were murals drawn on the walls in the central section. This was designed by the same architect who designed El Escorial, Juan de Herrera. An equestrian statue of Felipe II adorns the center of this square. Innumerable executions, bull fights, fires, royal pageantry and even foot ball matches have been held for centuries in this same place! Overwhelming indeed to just stand in the square and imagine all that history!

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The square’s buildings are private apartments costing from 400,000euros to 2million euros depending on the area!

After a leisurely walk till here we visited Royal Palace, Prado Museum and Cathedral de Almudena.



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  • You got a lot of nice photos on your walking tour – it looks like a beautiful city.

  • Madrid is an interesting city to walk around. I didn’t see the bear eating strawberries when we were there in 2010.

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
    1 year ago

    The walking tour has revealed the true essence of the city… wonderful pictures. The berry tree and the bear is the one I liked most… 🙂

  • Beautifully captured and fascinating narration

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    Beautiful pictures!

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    Thanks for sharing, I’m going to browse my Madrid pictures now. 🙂

  • Raji Muthukrishnan
    1 year ago

    A virtual tour. Thank you.

  • The best way to enjoy a city is through a walking tour. Such lovely pictures from Madrid. I especially loved the one of the woman looking from her terrace.

  • How many days required to visit Madrid ???

    • Indrani Ghose
      1 year ago

      At least two days Mahesh. If you can stretch it to 3 days you can give more time for museums too.

  • Madrid is one of my favourite cities! nightlife there is lovely too, everyone is very welcoming. Yes the markets are a little pricey but food is always fresh, really miss this city

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  • Most of the charming and elegant towns and cities of Europe are best seen through walking tours. Madrid is no exception. I feel that you really get close to the heart of a city on walking tours.

  • The artwork on the outside of Plaza Mayor is incredible. I can see from your photos why my wife loved this city so much!

  • Walking tours are indeed the best way to discover a place. Glad you could do one. There are a few in India too that have started. Hope they pick up soon.

  • So this was a self guided tour?

    I always prefer them, as you can your own way and at your own pace!

    Some great photos too!

    • Indrani Ghose
      1 year ago

      Yes Chris a self guided one. may be I missed out on some places but then I could linger on at some places.

  • Carol Colborn
    1 year ago

    Love the bear and tree symbol, the little balconies, tile street signs, and other indications of the colorful Madrid culture.

  • This just brought me back to my time in Madrid instantly!! I love walking tours as well- really makes you experience the place doesn’t it?

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    Madrid is a wonderful city and i think that this tour is perfect for one day. I really like the photos in the post!

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  • Walking tours are such a great and cheap way to explore a city. I especially like Plaza Mayor of Madrid! The art on those walls is splendid

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  • I have only been once to Madrid and chose to do the free walking tour because I was in a hurry. I only had 20 hours between planes and I wanted to see as much as possible. I remember all the sights from your tour, including the very high prices from the market. The food there looked delicious though.

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  • Spain is one of the 3 countries where I want to visit since I was a kid. Seems to be a great walking tour! I loved all the beautiful architecture all through Madrid. Will definitely take your advice.

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  • Personally I love walking tour too during my travels. This is because I truly believe it is the best way to slowly view & understand a place, ppl & culture. Moreover am a foodie, so walking tour helps where I can enjoy street foods/ snacks. I also get to chit chat with local ppl too, esp when I need help for road directions 😉 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  • When I visit a new place I also take a walking tour either with other groups or just by myself. in this way, I also get to know the people as well as sight seeing. Madrid is in my bucket list and I’m sure when I get to go there someday, the architecture alone would make the visit worth it. Plus I love Spanish accent as I know a little due to the Spanish colonization in our country. Up until now, some Spanish words are widely used in our place.

  • Laveena Sengar
    9 months ago

    This was one of the best Virtual tours i have ever had. The place looks like some other world and i totally loved your narration.

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