Faces of India – 338, from Bikaner Rajasthan

Faces of India

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. I bring back souvenirs, frozen moments from my travels, why not some memories of people I have met and interacted during the travels. Faces of India is a weekly series in my blog since MARCH 2011. See more here…

Faces of India Bikaner

A picture by chance! I clicked this during walking tour through streets around Rampuria Haveli in Bikaner, Rajasthan. The new houses that have come up are such a contrast. I was particularly surprised by one of the houses with concrete walls and metal windows. Suddenly a woman peeped out of the red window. Our eyes locked for a few seconds and we exchanged smiles. I was stunned for few seconds but then quickly recovered to click the moment.

Do you smile at strangers?

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