Faces of India – 331 from Sringeri, Karnataka

Faces of India

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. I bring back souvenirs, frozen moments from my travels, why not some memories of people I have met and interacted during the travels. Faces of India is a weekly series in my blog since MARCH 2011. See more here

Faces of India Sringeri

At first the bull caught my attention and then this man minding the bull. The bull seemed almost his owner’s height and the owner was clutching the rope around the bull’s neck tightly. For a moment I worried what if the bull runs amok now. But nothing of that sort ever happens.

I spotted them strolling inside Sringeri temple complex. The bull is his bread winner. People revere bulls as they are considered as the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Shiva. The pilgrims among the tourists in the temple were bowing to the bull and offering money to the man. I didn’t have the courage to go anywhere near, took this picture from quite a distance away.

It always amazes me how man finds different ways to earn a living!

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3 Responses to “Faces of India – 331 from Sringeri, Karnataka

  • Quite an intimidating size of the bull. ..but my personal experience has been these animals are inoccous and mostly keep to themselves. They are quite habituated to human presence. After all, they are part of our culture and civilization since the beginning 🙂

  • Interesting! Normally we see Basavas with a load of coloured clothes on their backs and bells around their necks right?
    Wondering how the bull owner would make money for his living only on the mercy of the pilgrims!

  • Yogi Saraswat
    4 months ago

    I didn’t have the courage to go anywhere near, took this picture from quite a distance away 🙂

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