Disappearance Of Hand Written Letters

During my routine web surfing I chanced on this interesting article on ‘Top 25 Things Vanishing from America’.

However in the Indian scenario, the list may not be same. While new technology is always welcome, paving the smooth exit of old technologies, there are certain things which may take more time to vanish. Pit toilets the last in the list may remain in use in India, may be most parts of Asia too, for many years. The latest that has been done in this matter in India is the development of an affordable and eco-friendly two pit toilet, which has helped in withdrawing women doing the menial job of removing the human excrement. Beyond this, the complete disappearance of pit toilet may take a few more decades.

In one of my earlier posts I had highlighted the plight of the vanishing honey bees. Honey will get dearer if the bees are not saved. What struck me to write today’s post is the ninth point ‘The hand written letters’.

Nobody has the time today to finish a letter and go to a mail box to drop it. It doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket to do it yet… the personal communication through snail mail is vanishing. Where are the greeting cards sent on birthdays and anniversaries? These hand written letters convey so much of warmth and personal feelings; it pains me to think they will vanish all together.

My first appointment letter came by post. I still remember I had cleared several rounds of face to face interviews (not telephonic), medicals and was very confident of the appointment. The postman used to deliver the letters once a day, so around noon my mother and I used to stand at the gate waiting eagerly for the postman to come. Two three days went by yet no sign of the appointment letter. Then finally one day the postman handed me the appointment letter, we were so happy. I remember my mother offering him tea, sweets, water and happily boasting to the postman that her daughter made it. Today that sharing of happiness is no longer possible because…

… today appointments are confirmed through e-mails, instant messengers and mobiles!



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13 Responses to “Disappearance Of Hand Written Letters

  • Very True…
    But there are people who write with ink-pen.

  • I am just back catching up on your blog..this is so true, I miss the handwritten letters…it is all emails now….cheers

  • Very nice post, Indrani!
    And a well-deserved award.

  • Another award in a long line to come, Indrani!
    Mom will be proud of theis too, so smile 🙂

  • i have always hated hand writing letters because my mind meanders too much and i have to make corrections all the time. this is easy with the delete key on the computer but once you have a word written on paper it doesn’t look pretty… so emailing is a true relief for me…

    congrats on the award, btw – you deserve it 🙂

  • I so AGREE! I still write my son letters – it’s the ONLY thing I still handwrite.

    Congrats on the bling!

  • done adding you in my blogroll. sorry for the delay 🙂

  • Lovely, thought-provoking post. I agree with you – nothing can match the charm of a handwritten letter.

    I dont even remember the last time I got one ( or wrote one!!) You inspire me to pick up that ink pen and writing pad.

    Maybe I could start by writing on to you.

    Dear Indrani


  • I fully agree with you. Even I have not handwritten a letter for ages, but recently when I did write in a greetings card

    this is what I got from my cousin…

    “unga card ..azhagu.oru kutti papainou papa-ku anupina card mathri..it was lovely…hand written n self-made…it shows ur care…and ur kavidhai..marupadi marupadi padichen anna””………

    You know what a joy to know someone is much more happier to receive a hand written letter.

  • When I was young, relatives would write to my mother, long letters describing what was going on in their lives over the span of several days. Somehow I miss those days.

  • Nice blog Indrani. Interesting facts and views & Good pictures at frozen moments!

    Congrats on the Award, too 🙂

    I am kind of thrilled to see a friend in this form, after so many years!!

  • i havent written a hand written letter in at least seven yrs. when tinking of people for the international blogger friends awards u were the second i thought of, after tnchick. 🙂 u deserve it for yr brilliant writings

  • Congrats on the receipt of international awards for your
    blogs. You sure deserve it.

    Can understand the nostalgic thoughts about snailmails and the

    In such days probably somebody could’ve felt sad about the
    vanishing dovemails… when doves used to deliver mails and were
    fondly fed grains :-)))

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