Belgian Waffles, Chocolates and More…

My last post received comments on the Belgian waffle I was having in Grand Place, Brussels. That prompted me to share pictures of Belgian waffle and Belgian chocolates. These 100% pure Belgian stuffs were heavenly! Sorry to tempt you thus… wicked of me right? 😉


The façades around the square houses these buildings, La Bourse (the Stock Exchange); La Colline (the Hill), formerly the Stonemasons’ Guild House; Le Pot d’Etain (the Pewter Tankard), formerly the Carpenters’ Guild House; Le Moulin à Vent (the Windmill), formerly the Millers’ Guild House; La Fortune (Fortune), formerly the Tanners’ Guild House — the traditional Belgian restaurant ‘t Kelderke is in the cellar; L’Ermitage (the Hermitage), also known as L’Ecrevisse (the Crayfish); and La Renommé (Fame). 

The English names provided a rough idea about the history of the buildings.More detailed explanations is given here.

These two facade details are zoomed in captures of the extreme ends of the upper portion of the facade.

Click to enlarge the picture and see details.

L’Arbre d’Or (the Golden Tree) is headquarters of the Brewers’ Guild. It is the location of the neat little Musée de la Brasserie. On the roof is a gilded equestrian sculpture from 1901 of Duke Charles of Lorraine.

The next house from 1698, known as Le Cygne (the Swan), for the sculptured swan above the doorway.Click to enlarge and see details.

A gargoyle almost leaping out of the town hall facade.

Wall Paintings in Brussels, Belgium
Grand Place Facades, Brussels, Belgium

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