Barcelona to Barcelona via 3155kms in 15 days, a Road Trip

The vacation was good! Actually ‘good’ is a too small word to describe it. It was too good! Two countries in a row, Spain and Portugal; 3155kms of driving, halting at all odd places, heritage sites, towns and cities! Besides the drive we walked a lot along the old tracks in the cities.

The night halts were at: Barcelona – Granada – Seville (2 nights) – Evora (Portugal) – Lisbon (3 nights) – Tomar – Braga – Salamanca (Spain) – Segovia – Madrid (2 nights) – Barcelona (2 nights).

The route of sightseeing was like this: Barcelona – Granada – Seville to Cordoba to Seville – Merida – Elvas – Evora – Lisbon – Sintra – Alcobaca – Batlaha – Tomar – Coimbra – Porto – Braga – Guimaraes – Salamanca – Avilia – Segovia – El Escorial – Segovia – Toledo – Madrid – Zaragoza – Barcelona (25 sites).

Road trips are fun! The best part of the tour like any other tour was eating local cuisines! It was not an elaborately planned trip. The booking of the car and the cities to halt were the fixed points in our itinerary. Some places to visit got added to list, while some got deleted. I enjoyed seeing the cities as much as the small off beat places. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona has lost their local flavor, while small towns though they are heritage sites have retained their local flavor very well.

Exchanging pleasantries at the local shops and learning few new words in their language are some of the memorable experiences. Did you know ‘pan’ in Spanish means ‘bread’! A smart restaurant owner in at Segovia uses the online translator to understand his customers. Another restaurant owner in Barcelona learned to say ‘you are welcome’ in Hindi to reply to our “thank you”. He has written it down so that he can respond to a future Indian tourist at his place.




Good Fences, Today’s Flowers

The Ramblas Ramble Walk, Barcelona
Portugal Sights

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