Anant Basudev Temple, Hooghly, West bengal

Ananta Basudeba temple is a temple of Lord Krishna in the Hangseshwari temple complex in Banshberia, in the Hooghly District in the Indian state of West Bengal. Built by Raja Rameswar Datta in 1679, this temple is noted for the exquisite terra cotta works on its walls. It is built in the traditional eka-ratna style, with curved cornices. The tower on top of the temple is octagonal. The terracota works depict stories from the great Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, as well as from lilas of Krishna.

Raja Rameswar Roy built this Vishnu Temple in 1679. He received this piece of land, 401 acres fro Aurangazeb as gift. The temple architecture style is the char chala ek ratna style of Bengal architecture. With passage of time the place and temple lost its significance. Rameshwar Roy’s grandson believed more in Tantrik (occult) powers and he built The Hangseswari temple just beside this Basudev Temple in 1799. More about that temple in my next post.


The terracotta wall motifs depict tales from Mahabharata, Krishnaleela and Ramayana. The art work exist in reasonably good form even today, but I did see some graffiti work on the wall of the temple there.

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25 Responses

  1. Haddock says:

    Real sharp corners inside, but the terra cota work is superb.

  2. TexWisGirl says:

    as always, very beautiful.

  3. Fantastic. Cheers Indrani.

  4. Sylvia K says:

    Beautiful temple and awesome carvings and your captures are superb as always, Indrani! I do love the detail you capture!! Hope you have a great week!!

  5. Gail Dixon says:

    I always enjoy seeing the architecture from different parts of the world. Really beautiful!

  6. i am a big sucker for all the temples and the carvings in the temple. love them.

  7. ladyfi says:

    So very gorgeous!

  8. I love the angle of the picture through the entrance. Such amazing architecture. Indrani you always find something in the temple to make it different from the others, though most of them are pretty same. You sure have eyes that are really sharp.

  9. Bibi says:

    Always intrigued by the rich color and the sculpted figures.

  10. Carver says:

    I love the earth tones of this temple and the art blows me away.

  11. Shaivi says:

    Such beautiful terracotta work! Thanks for sharing!

  12. beautiful color on that temple.

  13. I feel sad to see the negligence we show for these exquisite monuments. These should have been taken utmost care as a heritage. I liked the photography plus the historical story you shared through this post.

  14. Laura says:

    Such exquisite artistry!

  15. Anita says:

    Lovely 2 learn about this Indrani.
    There is an Ananta Basudev Temple at Bhubaneswar too πŸ™‚

  16. beautiful architecture.

  17. What treasures we have all over India! Beautiful pictures, as always.

  18. Najm Nisa says:

    Two words ! Simply breathtaking !

  19. Excellent terracotta works…nice shots as well..

  20. Great photos, and beautiful craftsmanship.

  21. D.Nambiar says:

    Amazing. I remember — the first time I heard of Terracotta architecture, I was so amazed.
    I'm wondering — is it only in West Bengal that you find Terracotta temples?

  22. CYNOSURE says:

    nice place to visit…I guess I've to stop taking leaves from office as of now and have to start visiting such places once I have them in sufficient number…

  23. Hari OM
    what a beauty this is – Love the shots through the walkway…well all of the really! YAM xx

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