Zytglogge, Berns

Zytglogge, Bern’s clock tower, has tourists flocking around it at every stroke of hour. It has such interesting characters, and they do all sorts of things from four minutes before hour. The bears go round and round, the bird whistles, the figure at the top rings bells. It is a sight to see which adults too enjoy like the children.

It is believed that the clock tower helped the great Albert Einstein hone his theory of relativity. This was during the period he worked as patent clerk in Bern. Einstein surmised, while traveling on a tram away from the tower, that if the train were going at the speed of light, the clock tower would remain on the same time, while his own watch would continue to tick – proving time was relative.

Here is a video link, length 52secs.

Münster (Cathedral) of Bern
St. Gallen Textile Museum, Switzerland

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