Yoga Narasimha Temple, Baggavalli, Karnataka

‘An architectural gem’ that is what came to mind as I walked into the Yoga Narasimha Temple complex! A wonderful creation yet looked so uncared and crumbling to ruins saddened me beyond words. The temple structure isn’t big but the complex in which it is fenced is huge. If Karnataka tourism decides, the whole area can be spruced up so beautifully… if only!

Yoga Narasimha Temple pic by Indrani

History of Yoga Narasimha Temple

Yoga Narasimha Temple was built during late 12th century in Hoysala architectural style. (Building style developed during Hoysala Empire between 11th and 14th centuries.) It was built during the reign of Hoysala King Ballala-III period. During the Hoysala period several temples have been constructed, an estimated 300 temples exist in Karnataka from that period but only 70 are documented. This temple is not as huge or grand as Kesava temple of Somnathpura, yet it cannot be written off as insignificant.

Yoga Narasimha temple Baggavalli Indrani

Architectural Details

Yoga Narasimha Temple has a star shaped plan. It has a small mantapa (hall), the overhead lintel decorated. There are seating arrangements made of stone. While we were there 2 boys were busy looking into their mobiles. I couldn’t understand what was so interesting to come and watch in such a secluded area. The pillars supporting the roof of mantapa were simple. A small porch adorned the entrance. If you notice carefully you will find no two pillars of the 20 pillars there same. This is a signature style of Hoysala architecture.

Yoga narasimha temple IndraniYoga Narasimha Temple Indrani 1

The exterior is decorated with sculptures both mythological and floral. I was disappointed to see the idols defaced. Vandals are destroying the structure little by little under the cover of darkness. I wish the government would wake up to protect the monument.


Yoga Narasimha Temple is located in Baggavalli village in Tarikere Taluq of Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka state, India. From Bangalore take NH4 to Tumkur, then westwards NH 206, the Honnavur Shimoga road. At Birur take SH 24 to Baggavalli.

Total distance: 263kms from Bangalore.

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  • Hello, Indrani! wonderful images of the temple. The decorations and details are amazing. Thanks for sharing your visit. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  • Such treasure!

  • Archana Kapoor
    2 years ago

    It’s beautiful! The carvings are amazing 😊

  • Wow…this place is beauutifull…Thanks for sharing …..xo Neha

  • very nice shots. its really an awesome place.i have huge interest in ancient era’s architect and sculpture. thanks a lot for sharing. .

  • Fabulous history and details!

  • Honestly the pictures narrate a sorry tale but your words definitely enlighten it in better ways..

  • Such a lovely treasure! 🙂 Aptly depicts ancient era’s architect and sculpture!

  • Beautiful temple. Thanks for sharing.

  • Really love your efforts for bringing treasure all over the world in front of us..

  • Temple looks beautiful and quiet.

  • vatsala mallya
    2 years ago

    Wonderful temples of hoysala architehture ! You can’t stop thinking how skilled and geniouses those artisans were, who brougt out such amazing gems out of rocks by sheer hardwork and dedication .
    Thanks for your efforts in sharing with all.

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
    2 years ago

    Nice to know a bit of history and the Hoysala architectural style. I always find these ancient temples very interesting, as if, thousands of stories are etched on the stones… 🙂

  • I cannot get enough of the beautiful stone carvings! Love Karnataka and its landscape and historic sides.

  • A new discovery. It seems a perfect weekend gateway from Bengaluru for a heritage buff.

  • Simple and elegant temple! Beautiful exterior and wall decor… and I too wish they preserve the temple complex.

  • Another beautiful Hoysala temple. Glad to know about it. As you said, wish authorities would take care of it.

  • The more I see and experience the wonders of Hoysala architecture, the more in awe I am! What genius we had in our country! If we only we can find a way to bring back that glory, that genius in art, architecture, everything. It will happen, in new forms but with the same eternal spirit that India is uniquely famous for. Thanks for this treat, Indrani!

  • The floral carvings are just amazing. I see the star shaped platform 😀

  • Beautiful Images of the Temple followed by the useful info! Thanks for sharing, Indrani!

  • Wonderfully photographed and beautifully accounted 🙂

  • It’s amazing that these structures survived this far. With a little more care, they can be preserved for a very long time. I hope something is done about it.

  • Yet another beautiful discovery.
    (Sadly there are many such historical places in bad state in our state.)

  • Sindhoooo
    2 years ago

    A treat for the eyes…. Thanks for introducing the temple, I am sure, this temple is not known by many.

  • Great architecture. Perfect captures 🙂

  • Makes me wonder why don’t we (govt) take care of such heritage sights, it has such beautiful carvings!

  • Though I have been chikmagalur area, I haven’t seen this temple. Sad to hear that the carvings are being defaced by idiots.

  • Verynice; thanks for sharing.

  • Yogi Saraswat
    2 years ago

    The history is very interesting behind these types of temples. whenever will be there in Banglore , will remain in my wish list.

  • architecture is wonderful..thanks for sharing

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