Yoga Narasimha Temple, Melkote

It was one good travel day today. I visited Melkote, 133kms from Bangalore, a sacred destination of Karnataka. The weather was good; roads were good and not so much of traffic too. This little village is located on the rocky hills known as Yadavgiri.

Shared below are photos of the temple of Yoganarasimha. The temple is dedicated to Lord Yoga Narasimha. It is believed that the image of Yoga Narasimha temple at Melkote was installed by Prahlada himself. More shots and stories will be posted soon.


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25 Responses

  1. Joop Zand says:

    It's a wonderful temple….good shots.

  2. Fantastisch liebe Indrani…

    Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie von ganzem Herzen en guete Rotsch is Neu Joor 2012. Mögen Euch Gesundheit, Glück und Wohlergehen beschieden sein.

    Herzlichst und liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  3. Kim, USA says:

    Wow a very beautiful place. Happy Thursday!

  4. Sylvia K says:

    Incredibly beautiful temple, gorgeous blue skies and what a terrific post for the day, Indrani!! Hope your week is going well!


  5. A beautiful palace and yoga, I love them all. Great photos.

  6. Arundhati says:

    Our family deity (kuladeivam in Thamizh). My paternal grandfather was from Melkote. The roads… couldn't believe the roads when I went this year, used to be *terrible* when I was a kid. Decades ago that was! Looking forward to the promised post 🙂

  7. Sridharan says:

    Very nice.. Melkote is one of my favourite places..Beautiful and serene place..

  8. magiceye says:

    beautifully captured!

  9. Leovi says:

    Beautiful pictures, I like that perspective, a magnificent temple, an architectural gem.

  10. Urmi says:

    Very beautiful temple. nice shot.

  11. eileeninmd says:

    Indrani, it is a lovely temple. Great shots, thanks for sharing. Happy Skywatching and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  12. Beautiful temple located majestically atop a hill.

  13. Arquitetura maravilhosa!!!
    Que 2012 traga novos sonhos e novas alegrias!

    ¨¨¨¸.•°` BOAS FESTAS!!!
    ¸.•°`♥✿⊱╮FELIZ 2012!!!

  14. SueAnn says:

    Gorgeous shots…beautiful temple

  15. Carver says:

    The sky is a beautiful backdrop to the artistic architecture of the temple. Happy New Year.

  16. Gattina says:

    With such a beautiful building I forget to look at the sky !

  17. I love seeing photos of the many many temples in India and reading about their history.

    I enjoyed all your posts this year. Thanks and have a wonderful new year.

  18. Anya says:

    Such a beautiful place Indrani 🙂

    I want to wish you
    and special for you
    a wonderful travel year 2012 🙂

    Hugs for you

  19. Dhemz says:

    fantastic shots! happy new year to you as well!

    thanks for dropping by @

  20. Vijay says:

    From the source of Cool Blogs

    Getting in to New Avatar

    Actor Ajith and Me(Vijay)

  21. Sivinden says:

    A beautiful temple!

  22. Spiderdama says:

    A very beautiful temple and a clear blue sky in no 2.

    Best wishes to you for 2012:-)

  23. The detail and the depth and texture of this incredible temple blows my mind. It must have taken a very long time and many busy hands to create such a wonder.

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