Yellow-Green Dendrobium Orchid in my Balcony Garden

Latest from my balcony garden: Another dendrobium variety of orchid is in full bloom. Just one stick with 9 flowers, the bud at the tip of the stick fell off in its initial stage. The color is unique: yellow-green and purple.

Yellow-Green Dendrobium

It is colloquially called the “Thai restaurant orchids.” These types of orchids are Dendrobium hybrids and can be found at Thai restaurants that decorate their tables with freshly-cut flowers. They come in many colors (white, green, purple, pink, yellow and more) and require a fairly warm environment. I had the white and pink variety and this is a newly acquired one. When the sales guy told me the orchid will be of green color, I found it hard to believe him, but now I do and I am planning to see what other varieties he has.

Yellow-Green Dendrobium
Yellow Green Dendrobium close up


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