World’s Best Father in Animal World – Seahorse

Tomorrow is Father’s day and this post is dedicated to the best father of the animal world. Of the many nominations like Red Fox, Primates, Barking Frogs, Phalarope a kind of sandpiper bird, Giant Water Bugs, the winner is Seahorse.

Seahorse is the best mimicking mom in animal world. It is reputed to get pregnant by the female seahorse which lays 1000 eggs in to the male’s sac. The male seahorse then fertilizes them, incubates them till they hatch and spring off and latch on to nearby grasses. The male seahorse is known to eat few of its offspring too sometimes; negative characters exist in every species.

When I saw a couple of them in the Underwater world in Singapore, I was excited. Photographing them was not an easy job, they were always in a move and in dim light the captures were not very sharp. It was interesting watching them curl their tails around the leaves, their movement in an up and down zigzag manner. I got to see its exotic cousin, the Leafy Seahorse.

In the recent years it has found itself to be in the endangered animals list, as it is used widely in Chinese herbology and as a cure by many ethnic tribes. They look so beautiful and graceful; I fail to understand how anyone can have the heart to kill them.

Camera Critters
Cassowary at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
Seagulls in Rome

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