Where do Butterflies go when it Rains

My daughters have asked me this: Where do butterflies go when it rains? In fact I too have asked this to my mother. She was my Google those days, walking behind her holding on to her sari pallu I used to keep nagging her with my silly questions. Especially on rainy afternoons when we were forced to stay indoors.

I passed on Her answer to my daughters: When it rains the butterflies hide under the leaves. They are delicate and can perish in severe storms. So often after rains we have gone for walks just to see if any butterfly was hiding under the leaves… or if the butterflies were flapping their wings mildly to dry their wings. Many times we were lucky to see the hanging butterflies with their wings tightly shut.

The butterfly in this picture is Blue Tiger Butterfly.

Butterflies flutter around in the sunny days. It is easy to search for the different species then and if it rains heavily for a short spell then you will for sure get to capture them in your lens. Just in case you are interested in recognizing the various species of butterflies, here is a site to get you started. Butterfly pictures.
Common Crow Butterfly (Euploea Core)

The lifespan of a butterfly is just one to two weeks and if there are storms within this period the butterflies perish. The last generation of monarch butterflies of a year survives eight to nine months. They hibernate during the winter months. The Ringlet Butterfly can fly during light showers and when the temperatures are warm enough. The one below is a Orange Tip butterfly.

This is a red bellied Swallowtail Butterfly. It is badly injured (can make out from its damaged wings) and is clinging on to its life.

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Art Class this Summer
Migratory Birds at Kokkare Bellur, Karnataka

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  • No more words of admiration, Indrani, for your photographs. You are simply the supremo!

    And this is a great post of mother-and-daughter bonding.

  • Spectacular collection!

  • Gorgeous butterflies! They’re hard to get good pictures of sometimes, because they’re always moving. I love all the different kinds you got…and I enjoyed all the butterfly facts. I didn’t know they had such a short lifespan.

    Great camera critters post!

  • Indrani: What a wonderful story of the butterflies and a great set of photos to tell the story.

  • Beautiful butterflies! I didn’t know where they went when it rained.

  • this is awesome. i am impressed. how do u post stuff like this and get pics..

  • Beautiful and thought provoking.

  • Lovely post, Indrani. I wrote a recent post where I stated “my mother was my Google”.

  • This is an AMAZING post! These butterflies, and the photos of them, are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  • Thank you for a wonderful post. The butterfly photos are beautiful and I love how you refer to your mother as your “Google” when you were a child.


  • You have such an awesome blog! I love how you show the culture of India. It’s amazing!

  • Beautiful butterflies ! and a cute question ! I never thought about this.

  • It is so refreshing to visit your blog Indrani..

    You make us think in many different ways… I never knew where the butterflies went during the rain…

  • A wonderful post. Stunning inmages and very infromative text.

  • A wonderful post. Stunning inmages and very infromative text.

  • Thanks all, Thank you very much for all the lovely comments.

  • Indrani Hello!

    Thank you for your views on my blog.
    I noted that you have posted a step ahead of mine.
    I posted a caterpillar…
    …You posted a butterfly.

    We are combining.

  • This is a wonderful post, the pictures were beautiful and the story of the child asking the mother about butterflies was sweet!

  • Awesome captures! I didn’t know that butterflies other than the monarch butterflies live for such a short time.

    Thanks for the visit.

  • Very nice post. Are all these pictures yours Indrani?

    You are a nature lover and that’s excellent.:)

  • what a great post. very interesting, and educational.
    happy CC!

  • Great post. I’m sure a lot of adults don’t know how a fragile butterfly weathers the storms.

    No, I didn’t stick my hand into the school of fish, even at that young age they were to wary to allow one to aproach that closely.
    Thanks for visiting Country Captures.

  • For a second it stuck me when I read it, I wouldn’t know what to answer both my kids if they ever asked that question.

    Love your blue tiger shot 🙂 Clear and precise 🙂
    Have a good week ahead Indrani!! 🙂

  • excellent post with wonderful capture. i really like what you said about your mother and google. excellent parallelism

  • Indrani
    Simply wonderful and what a lesson to learn from the post-ending quote!

  • Wondeful post Indrani,
    Getting your children interested in nature is a wonderful you as a parent can do. And you seem to be a good teacher for them too.

  • Very nice pictures, and a lot of information that I did not know about butterflies. 🙂

  • I love your pictures. It is my ambition to be able to photograph a butterfly on a flower! I am just beginning an interest with photography. I wonder what kind of camera you used?
    It is a good question, where do butterflies go when it rains!

  • Indrani,

    Your post is the winner on David’s ‘Post of the Day.’

    Well deserved I must say. Happy for you. Congratulations Indrani.:)

  • What an exquisite post! And those pictures! Wow! I live where you can see the monarch butterfly migration twice a year between the cold north of the US and the warmth of deep Mexico. One of my goals is to get involved with the butterfly watch groups and do counting and perhaps tagging although I have concerns about that part of the process of study.

    Hope you write more like this. Congratulations on making the top of David’s Post of the Day list! Well deserved honor!


  • Lovely pictures, and a lovely thing you’ve said about your mother, Indrani – ‘She was my Google those days’. 🙂

  • Wow, this is so wonderful, especially the last line, moments not months…and still enough. How lovely! Thanks for the kind words over at my place.

  • how amazing to be able to capture so many different butterflies … did you find them all in your own neighborhood ?

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  • Fantastic pictures Indrani and very often I too have had this doubt..thanks for the information

  • what a beautiful post!
    beautiful vibrant photos and a lovely text!
    this deserves to be the post of the day.

  • “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”

    Lovely. Thank you!

  • Back at you on the “congrats” (I hadn’t been home and had pre-published my current posts, so I almost missed David’s PotD, thanks for the heads-up). This is a lovely, lovely post (and photos). “My mom was my google” — what a great line!

  • My daughter is going to love you. We’re all about butterflies right now.

  • Have you visited the Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park? It’s worth visiting. I think it’s the first or the only one of its kind in India.

  • Hi all, Thanks a lot for stopping by and posting a comment for me.

    Thank you very much David!

    Thank you very much Misty Dawn!

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  • Thank you Blogbharti!

  • Thank you very much Celine for rushing to inform me of the award. I could sense your happiness and excitement for me. A virtual cyber hug from me. 🙂

  • Very nice pics Indrani. Can they sense the storm before it arrives? May be we must watch closely to kow more.

  • The flower which is single
    Need not envy the thorns
    That are numerous

    =Rabindranath Tagore

    Just passing by, and wow…..
    those butterflies were lovely.
    Was that chili plant?

  • The flower which is single
    Need not envy the thorns
    That are numerous

    =Rabindranath Tagore

    Just passing by, and wow…..
    those butterflies were lovely.
    Was that chili plant?

  • Wow. Stunning shots!

  • loevly pics….BTW did you do the study on flowers?

  • Thanks Ajeya… I have read somewhere the butterflies can sense storms and they change the direction of flying accordingly.

    Thanks Buwau98… You seem to well read on one of India’s greatest writers, I am impressed. That plant is not a chilli plant. I am not sure of the shrub’s name.

    Thanks Mamageek.

    Thanks Maddy… somebody should pull my ears like this once in a while.

  • Nice! You could bring home a pupa and watch it grow into a butterfly!

  • What a lovely post — both the story and the photos. I loved your comment about your mother being your google back then.


  • Yesterday I chased a Monarch all over and never did get a picture of it. Great shots.

  • You know in nearly 50 years on this earth I had never thought to ask that question?

    What a fantastic post… informative and philosophical at once, and an admirable job of both…

  • Trust children to come with zany questions. Exquisite photos!

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