Wedding Photography In Paris, Dream Come True

How about Paris as wedding venue! I am sure many among us would have secretly desired to have weddings at some exotic location, no?

Wedding Photography, Destination Paris

At Eiffel Tower I saw one couple living their dream. Post wedding they were at Eiffel Tower for some sensational photo shoot with the tower in the back ground. The wedding photography going on there attracted smiles and cheers! I saw the wedding photographer lie flat on his stomach trying to capture the entire tower.

wedding photography in Paris

One moment the groom would lift the bride and the bride would raise the bouquet, the next moment the photographer would tell them to shift to right or to left… little this side, little that side. I admired the patience of the groom for having followed his instruction without the slightest irritation. The bride of course was all smiles.

Other tourists around too tried their skills in wedding photography. So what if I didn’t get married in Paris, I still could manage to do wedding photography in Paris!

The Groom’s Patience

Later I got involved taking shots of the tower and my family. The sky was clear blue and pleasant weather we enjoyed our time there. After around 15 minutes as I was leaving the place I surprised to see the groom in the same pose much to the amusement of others. I hope the guy didn’t damage his back before he could start his married life.



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