WeChat, A Product Review

Introduction to WeChat

Tencent has connected well with what customers truly desire: the desire to experience dynamic relationships and connect with one another. It has launched WeChat Messenger; the latest mobile ‘voice and text chat application’ which has enhanced social networking speed.

Initially launched as Weixin in China in January 2011, it was upgraded with international language support in October 2011. The product was rechristened WeChat in April 2012 and is getting widely accepted by Asian countries like India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.


WeChat – The Product

WeChat 100% free is a cross-platform app available for most of the current Smartphones operating systems. Caters very well for those addicted to social networking sites, but then it depends in which country you live. Usage is simple, register via FB connect or through mobile phone. Signing up with FB account allows you immediate access to your friends in FB using WeChat app., your mobile number doesn’t go public with this option.

The major plus points are:
– text messaging
– photo and video sharing
– hold-to-talk voice messaging
– broadcasting (one to many)
– clear quality of message
– impressive speed of message
– games feature can keep your child happy and occupied

Comparison with Whatsapp

WeChat scores over Whatsapp with location based social plugins. The features ‘Shake’, ‘Lookaround’ and ‘Drift Bottle’ are amazing and animated. They enable you to get new friends. To add a new contact with Whatsapp the person’s telephone number has to be saved in user’s agenda. WeChat enables this with “Shake” where you shake your phone to find people around you. “Look around” shows all the people who are also looking for people around. People are sorted in a list by the shortest distance from the user. “Drift Bottle” enables writing a message, put the message in a bottle, and throw it to the virtual sea. Chances are any random person taking the bottle with your message and he or she can reply and even add you in his or her contact list.

Other added features are
– voice calls which enable you to talk with your friends face to face
– video chat, Web WeChat from PC through the browser
– ‘Moments’ – users can share text or image with selected friends in a secure way
– reply directly to a friend’s comment in Moment using @

Limitations experienced

– Calling contacts not possible. The app doesn’t work if you or your contact is not connected to internet.
– Your deleted contacts will continue to get your updates unless he or she too decides to delete you.
– Battery consumption more than that required for Whatsapp.


With WeChat, chatting is perfect! It has made a communication style statement with its animated elements!


This review is a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com. For free download of WeChat App and more details visit http://www.wechatapp.com.
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