Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, Ayuthaya

Third day in Thailand and our next destination was Ayuthaya, a World Heritage Site. It is a city with ruins but with a magnificent past. There are around twenty three sights that are listed in the must see list of Ayuthaya. Due to lack of time I had to prioritize the places and focused on just eight of them. Very disappointing, if luck permits may be I will be able to make a trip there once more in this lifetime.

The first and the most memorable Wat I visited at Ayuthaya was the Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon. Also known as the “Great Monastery of Auspicious Victory”, it has a giant chedi that is the tallest structure of Ayuthaya today. To the left of the entrance, is a huge reclining Buddha, seven meters long, covered in saffron robe. After paying respects there I moved on to the ruins and I was enthralled to see the idols of seated Buddha all around the Wat. So many of them, all in a row, in different sizes, all dressed in saffron robes!

The ordination hall in front of the huge chedi, measures about 16m by 14m houses one of the most sacred Buddha images of Ayuthaya. There were many smaller chedis around which we were told contain the ashes of the sponsors of the Wat.

There are two huge seated Buddha statues on either side of the chedi. One can climb up the chedi on to an elevated base. Inside the chedi there is a chamber like space which must have housed the relics once. It was dark inside and I couldn’t capture good shots here. View of the Ayuthaya city from the elevated base is mesmerizing. A clear contrast is visible… Ayuthaya outside these walls of the ruins is fast turning in to an industrial base. I just hope this glorious piece of history doesn’t get lost in the chaos of the city.

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  • Amazing architecture and sculpture.

    Thanksgiving MeMe

  • Beautiful post Indrani,
    you let us see buddha's
    in all various sizes.
    I enjoy, I love buddha's
    I have at home many in and outside my house (only little ones … 😉
    Funny they have all a orange scarf or coat on …. LOL
    It makes it colorful 🙂

  • Beautiful Post Indrani, and the information adds to it… thanks for sharing

  • It would be a shame to lose this beautiful piece of history. Thank you for sharing it. Keep on traveling so we can keep on enjoying these wonderful photos.

  • Amazing post… amazing pics.. I havent been to thailand.. so have saved this one to come back to at a later date (soon!! I hope!)

  • Indrani,

    Marvelous post and photos. I've only read about Wat and am amazed by it. Thanks!

  • Marvelous, interesting post as always, Indrani! And, as always, your photos are breathtaking! What a great tour!

    Enjoy your week!


  • Very, very nice. The lined up Buddhas remind me of our own temples – the 63 saints in Sri Kapali Temple in Madrqs. And the images of Nandi on the walls of the Thyagaraja Temle in Thiruvaroor.

  • Heard a lot about this place earlier. It is nice to see this place through your wonderful snaps.

  • what a wonderful place to visit..

  • How beautiful. Always inconvenient to be rushed for time, but you got your photos. Love the statues dressed in yellow/orange.

  • what a beautiful place!!! we should learn something from them about conservation of heritage monuments… we have so many here, but they are in such bad shape, it is such a pity!!!

  • Your photos brought us to a land full of history and culture. Love those small Buddhas lined up. I wish I could visit Thailand in the near future.

  • You've really captured the feel of the wats.. Lovely!

  • Indrani, really appreciate your views of this historical site.

  • When I was in Bangkok, I saw these rows of Buddhas too, and an enormous golden reclining Buddha. Very beautiful and colourful.Thanks for sharing your photos! Have a great day!

  • What an amazing place and a thoughtful post. I hope this historical site doesn't get lost in the city chaos too. I always love seeing what you photograph and post about. You always bring it to life.

  • What an awesome place! Great pictures of the seated buddhas – especially the one in profile.

  • Awesome post. Interesting information and beautiful shots.

  • Indrani, thank you for this great post about Ayuthaya. What beautiful shots of the ancient structures and buddhas in their saffron robes…so colorful!

  • Lovely post. We did not do our homework well before our trip to Bangkok ( it was a rushed tour) and I could have kicked myself when I realised later that Ayuthya was just some 60 km from Bangkok. And seeped in history.

  • This was a nice visite 🙂 Lovely shots and of course interesting.
    I like Thailand very much.

  • woow…this tour really left me speechless.

  • It is a wonderful place and thanks to your post and photos.

  • As always, well detailed travelogue with awesome photos Indrani. Thanks for those relevant links as well to know the place better. I will certainly plan effectively considering all the points you have mentioned.

    Looking for more!!!

  • What amazing pictures! You are lucky indeed to have visited it! The whole complex looks so clean and well-maintained.

  • Always I love the serenity in Buddhist Monuments… Loved the reclining Buddha…

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    Abhayapradha Ranganathar Koil at My Travelogue

  • Thanks.Could geta glimpse of the great treasures of art and architecture.

  • I've been there last 1998 or 1999… very nice place indeed!

    thanks for visiting my blog!


  • Beautifully captured, both in photo and in words. I remember the feeling awe and piety i felt when walking along those lines of saffron draped Buddhas.

  • Beautiful pcitures…beautiful place.

  • Wonderful post and lovely pictures too. You are right. Preservation is the key to keeping these treasures.

  • Very beautiful pictures of Buddha. Amazing place. I feel like visiting the place. Wonderful post with lovely description.

  • Hi Indrani!
    Hope to see Ayutthaya one day. Your picturs are lovely!!

    Old Town Bilbao is now at Blogtrotter for your joy. Have a great weekend!!

  • Lovely pictures.

  • very nice pics ….. thanx

  • indrani, thanks for introducing ayuthaya! seems the site is well kept and maintained. beautiful pictures.

  • Beautiful place…good shots…remembered me the thai movie Ong back!… 🙂

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