Visit to Wat Na Phra Meru, Ayuthaya, Thailand

During the tour of Wats in Ayuthaya we stumbled on Wat Na Phra Meru. Our guide took patience to explain the history of this Wat.

History of Wat Na Phra Meru

This beautiful old temple built in 1503 has very interesting history. It was constructed by King Ramadhibodhi II, the tenth king of Ayuthaya dynasty. A historic peace accord between Tabengchaveti, the king of Burma and Somdet Phramachakraphat, the fifteenth king of Ayuthaya dynasty was signed here. It was meant to stop the war in 1563. The two kings discussed peace here with the image of Buddha, the holy book and the monks as witness. I found it interesting to note that PEACE agreements were signed then too!

Two centuries later in 1760 A.D., Thailand was once more attacked by the Burmese. This temple was then used as a base by the invaders. Shells were fired from here to destroy the royal palace. Alonphaya, the Burmese king himself operated the canons to destroy the palace. One of the canons burst during the firing operations which killed the Burmese King. Since then it is believed that the Buddha image protects Ayuthaya from its enemies.

Buddha Image at Wat Na Phra Meru

This main Buddha image is extremely beautiful. It is cast in bronze, then lacquered and covered with gold plate.  Most noteworthy here is that Buddha image is in sitting posture, dressed in royal robe. This depicts Lord Buddha as a prince before he left home to gain enlightenment and is a very rare one.

Inside the Wi-hahn, we saw a huge green sandstone statue of Buddha. It is believed to be from Sri Lanka, 1500years old belonging to the Dvaravati period. The unique feature of this Buddha image is the joint eyebrows; this is typical of that period.

Don’t miss this Wat if you are ever there.



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36 Responses

  1. Great pictures! Love the frill like towers on the temple esp the 2nd photo…

  2. Anya says:

    FUNNY roof 🙂
    So unique …..
    Your buddha's looking very peaceful
    mine buddha's in my garden are almost gone
    (I see only a little piece there is so many snow here….. )
    Thanks for sharing the beauty from Thailand 🙂

  3. That is a wonderful looking place. That Buddha is spectacular.

  4. ewok1993 says:

    Pretty pix. Love the golden buddha image.

  5. Martha Z says:

    Beautiful pictures and a very interesting post.

  6. Fida says:

    After spending too much time in Sukhothai I didn't visit Ayuthaya! I think I put it back on my wishlist 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  7. bindu says:

    Great photos and history. And thanks for your comment about Shiva at Kali's feet. I learned something! I assumed it was a demon – how interesting that it's Shiva she stands on!

  8. Rajesh says:

    Amazing history of the temple. The architecture of the temple is a beauty and I loved the sandstone Buddha statue.

  9. magiceye says:

    gorgeous temple and beautiful idols, wonderfully presented …
    thank you

  10. Amazing snaps and very informative Indra! and yes no name can match Buddha when we talk about peace!

  11. LadyFi says:

    Beautiful and restful. Such wonderful temples and Buddhas.

  12. very interesting post. captivating history, beautiful temples and Buddhas.

  13. alicesg says:

    Oh it is so beautiful. I saw similar palaces in cambodia and was amazed at their architectural designs.

  14. Lianne says:

    looks like a beautiful place to visit!

  15. Gattina says:

    Very intersting and such nice pictures ! A completely other world ! I have never been to Thailand (yet) but my son was and found it so beautiful.

  16. Snap says:


    I love your posts on the Wat's. The Buddha's in this post are especially interesting. Love the roof lines. Now I know where the roof lines on spirit houses come from!

  17. Reader Wil says:

    Beautiful Buddhas, but I love the one from the Dvaravati period. It's so simple and sober! it's the image of a man who meditates.

  18. Carver says:

    Such a beautiful place with an interesting history. Good to think of the peace agreement being signed there way back when.

  19. rocksea says:

    the temple architecture looks unique and beautiful.

  20. J says:

    After braving the aggressive Christmas shopping crowds in town, these relaxing photos were just what I needed to go and see.

  21. Wonderful tour. I wish I had REALLY been with you to see this in person.

  22. arabesque says:

    hi indrani! amazing thai fotos as usual, esp, those gabled roofs. ^0^
    merry christmas! ^-^

  23. Wolynski says:

    Signing peace agreements means you'll be at war soon – without exception.
    What a gorgeous temple – the yellow adornments are spectacular and the Buddha out of this world.
    Great photos.
    Merry Xmas!

  24. Vaggelis says:

    I wish to you and your family Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year

  25. radha says:

    Very beautiful and the atmosphere matches the peaceful look of The Buddha

  26. chrome3d says:

    Very nice Buddha statue. Not only he has joint eyebrows he is also in much slimmer shape, which I guess was more typical 1500 years ago.

  27. That is quite an interesting scope Indrani. As always and ever. From the image of your photography to your never ending well of information; so well-researched. You definitely know your products so well-blended with your own innate intelligence. That I salute you of.

    Thank you very much Indrani for all your kind support that made my bloglife colourful.

    May you have a joyous and blessed safe season.

    All the best!

  28. Onkar says:

    The pictures are just great.

  29. Beauty is every where.

  30. GMG says:

    Hi Indrani! Ayuthaya looks wonderful; have to see it one day life… Meanwhile I enjoy your lovely pictures!!

    Blogtrotter has reached the January 2009 trips! Not bad; just one year delay… 😉
    Enjoy and enter 2010 in great shape! Wish you all the best for the New Year!!!

  31. Atmosphere suggestive and amazing images: wonderful post!

    Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

  32. My wishes for you,
    Great start for Jan,
    Love for Feb,
    Peace for March,
    No worries for April,
    Fun for May,
    Joy for June to Nov,
    Happiness for Dec,
    Have a lucky and wonderful 2010, Indrani!

  33. Lakshmi says:

    lovely..:) happy new year to you…hope to see you travel to more exotic places in 2010

  34. Thank you.You made my day with these wonderful posts that I am seeing only now

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