Wat Lokayasutharam

This Wat is also called as the Temple of reclining Buddha. A simple, graceful huge image of Buddha; usually it is covered with a saffron cloth, but that particular day when we visited the image wasn’t covered. Behind there was the ruins of the vihara, the prang there still stands as a mute proof that it belongs to middle Ayuthaya period.

The image is made of brick and mortar and had just white paint all over. At some places the paint has washed off and looked discolored. The head rested on a lotus flower, feet overlapping left over the right, with equal toes. Observe the picture carefully to see the equalized toes which signify enlightenment and beauty. It is believed that before Buddha’s death, that is before he attained nirvana, he lied on his side, right hand supporting his head. His left hand resting over his body, this posture of Buddha’s nirvana is revered everywhere.

The image was restored in 1954 and again in 1989. It is out in the open exposed to sun and rain, year after year prone to continuous deterioration; it may require another restoration soon.

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