Wat Chang Lom, Sukhothai, Thailand

Situated outside the Sukhothai city limits is a beautiful Wat, the Wat Chang Lom (temple surrounded by elephants) of 14th century. It has a special place in my memory because of the beautiful elephants lined up around the base of the Wat. There are 32 of them! Not all were in good shape. Many have crumbled and some forms are on the verge of disappearing. The whole site was neat, lot of vacant space around it. It looked to me as if Sukhothai is free of land sharks, because there were not many shops or buildings around it.

As we walked towards it, the elephant heads started taking definite shape and color. The complex has Sri Lankan style chedi, it stands on 3 tiered square base on a platform. The platform is decorated with elephants; it gives a feel as if the elephants are supporting the entire structure on their back. There are several Buddha figures in the niches. Most of the elephants had dry moss growth on them; I wished a better maintenance was done on them.


Sukhothai is 400kms north of Bangkok. Bangkok is easily reachable, as there are several flights to the city from different parts of world.


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