Visit to Warangal Fort from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Warangal Fort, an architectural splendor of thirteenth century; I got to see its ruins and remains. The Kakatiya king Ganapati Deva undertook the construction of this fort, his daughter Rani Rudrama completed it. This tremendously strong and powerful construction, result of the combined effort of this father daughter duo boasts of the workmanship of those artisans centuries back whose only tools were the chisel and hammer.

The architectural brilliance is still visible in the eroded, broken and damaged sculpted pieces. The pic above is of the Nandi idol, one of the structures in a better off condition than the others. The macro shots below, the actual size of the sculpted pieces are as less as one cm.

The “Swayambu Devalayam” temple is surrounded by four tall gateway carved out of stone. These are called the Keerti Toranas. It is made from one single stone. The efforts to keep them standing and defeat the weathering effects of time are visible. In ruins today, yet these mute sculpted pieces stir my heart. I roam around aimlessly among these propped up structures clicking away at my pace and will. I focus one for Skywatch post and my 14 year old pops in, “Mama, take my shot.”

1000 Pillar Temple, Hanamkonda
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