Through the Walls of…

Can you guess what the above shot is about? Yes, it is tunnel sort of thing… you can see the fields on other side… Any guess to what structure it can belong to?

Another clue… another shot.

There are four holes in this. The holes run through the entire thickness of the fort walls of Devanahalli. I am sure you can guess the purpose of these holes. The valiant soldiers of Tipu Sultan once inserted their guns and canons through these holes to take aim at the advancing troops of Lord Cornwallis. In 1791, Lord Cornwallis laid siege to the fort and took possession of it during the Mysore War.

Two centuries back, the warfare technology was nothing great… yet from these walls one can make out the amount of designing that must have gone in to making them, the strategy they must have used to attack the advancing armies. Each soldier could aim in four different directions standing in one position. The soldiers on this side of the fort were shielded well from the enemies’ onslaught by the thick fort wall. If anything could have defeated them, it may have been the numbers at the other side.

With a large army
, Cornwallis marched through Vellore and Ambure to Bangalore. He captured Bangalore in 1791…


The Ever Popular Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore, Karnataka
Visit Big Banyan Tree of Bangalore

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  • The forts and temples indicate the architecture and engineering skills in those days..amazing how they thought of every detail, with hardly any technology (as we know today) to boot

  • Tipu was a valiant king and warrior.

    read with interest the link you provided.. was touching to read..
    “..Tipu also had to pay a war indemnity of over three millions
    pounds and hand over his two sons as hostages.”

    If the moustache ends quiver even now, can understand the ferocity
    with which Tipu would’ve fought the Britishers.

    Your good pics helped relive the moments. Thanks Indy.

  • Thats interesting…

  • Have had a lot of history lessons today – in the mail, in the newspaper and from what you share!

  • Interesting photo tour, thanks for the info…..

  • Wow, now that’s fascinating. Such history.

  • That’s a great perspective of wonderful architecture. And a history lesson to boot!

  • I love the first shot…interesting, inviting and mysterious!

  • Hi Indrani! 2008.08.08 is a great day for Blogtrotter. So, before I start commemorating, let me just tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my blogs! Thanks a lot!
    Great framing through the walls! Better use now, than for the old cannons… 😉
    The Banyan tree reportage is also a wonderful one; monkeys included!
    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

  • Wow, beautiful shots. I love that kind of history and structures to go with. Great PSF.

  • Wow…that’s pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing! I love reading and seeing photos about history.

  • Hi, Indrani that old shield were built strong enough to stand withering its amazing that a historical edifice stays for more than 300 century..That’s great engineering in olden days.

  • Thanks for the history. I knew it was a fort. They really were amazing in their design.

  • Great bit of history! I did not know that Lord Cornwallis was ever in Bangalore. Thanks for sharing.

  • I wouldn’t have guess that for nothing 😉

    Very interesting story 🙂
    Just need some more info on location. These names are all strange to me.

    But the links provide a very interesting story on Cornwallis.

    Have a great weekend

  • cool photos, great story.

  • Wow, that is cool. Thanks for the history lesson. Who says a hobby can’t be educational?

  • Very cool! I love how you showed them from so many angles so one could see how they worked and get a real feel for it.

  • Great bit of history! Thanks for sharing. I love the pictures, makes me want to go and see history for myself.

  • Photos like that make me want to be there. Wonderful shots, amazing history.

  • i like the photos… they themselves tell a story… and some of the history you shared adds to the value 🙂

  • I humbly offer u an award at my blog .

  • Interesting history and beautiful shots.

  • Very nice pictures, old buildings are really interesting and somehow alive…. 🙂

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