Visit to Fish Market of Brugges, Belgium

Fish Market of Brugges features in the list of must visit sites  there. It is a little away from the squares. This covered arcade was specially built for the fish mongers in 1821. Even today, fish is sold in the stalls here.

Fish market of Brugges

Walk through Fish Market of Brugges

I walked through it; I got the feeling the whole thing is staged. They have successfully managed to preserve the traditional atmosphere. May be the locals around and the restaurant owners are their regular customers. Nothing much to do here, can’t buy any to try them out in back in our hotel. So, took some pictures. The arcade has stalls for sale of other stuffs too, of course a little away from the fish stalls to avoid the stench.

I was keen to see this fish market of Brugges in Belgium and compare it with the one I have seen here in Tamil Nadu. You can see it here. Bangalore too has some concreted fish stalls, may be I will do a post on one of them.

A Heron and A Seagull in Bruges, Belgium
Flowers from Brugges, Belgium

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