Visit Big Banyan Tree of Bangalore

Plan for Sunday was visit big banyan tree  near Bengaluru.

The Big Banyan Tree of Ramohalli, Bangalore is a favorite weekend haunt of most Bangaloreans. 28 kilometers west of Bangalore, it is very easily accessible by road, with clear signboards towards the location of the Banyan tree. Each time we make a visit there we are awe struck by its vast canopy… 400 years old and still going strong; spread over three acres of land.

The main trunk is no longer there, in its place there is a temple. The tree is worshiped here. All around is a maze of roots, trunks and branches. The branches spread out in all directions, the roots dropping down touch the ground, new shoots develop, which turn into thick trunks. These trunks spread out more branches; it appears as if the tree is walking.

Interestingly the banyan tree is called Bahupada in Sanskrit, meaning one with many legs. It got its name Banyan from the baniyas (merchants, traders) who would assemble under these huge trees to discuss business.

Big Banyan Tree Trivia

The Banyan tree is the national tree of India, the interlinking branches and roots signifying the country’s unity in diversity. Of the various uses of the various parts of the tree, one hair care tip I came across while reading about Banyan trees is: crush the prop root of Banyan with elephant dung and apply to head to have a luxurious hair growth. Women of Indo-Nepal Terai region practice this. Do let me know if any of you is trying out this. 🙂

The whole area looked like a mini jungle; there were plenty of monkeys around. Many visitors to the place were seen calling them and offering eatables to them. It was obvious the monkeys were having a gala time. I was not sure who was entertaining whom. The Big Banyan Tree at Ramohalli, Bangalore is a place worth visiting, if you can appreciate a wonder of nature.


The below pictures are 0f my friend Swarna’s husband Bhaskar feeding the monkeys. The pictures were taken in 2001.

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28 Responses

  1. mimi11460 says:

    Lovely shot Indrani it make me wish I can see it in real..I wish I can really visit your place someday..

  2. i have been to bangalore twice but never been to this place….i ahve heard of it though!!…looks lovely…and lively going by the monkey pics….!!!…

  3. MamaGeek says:

    Wowza, those trees are so FASCINATING! So lovely.

  4. that was very cool thanks for sharing that

  5. Yen says:

    Those trees are huge! Nice photos too..

  6. Swarna says:

    We visited that tree as an unplanned detour, and am I glad about that! The monkeys are very friendly, and like to pick peanuts from hands, even pockets…

  7. picturing says:

    very COOL tree…

    Mine in here : Spiderwick Thanks

  8. Juliana RW says:

    giant tree and little bit scary isn’t it…

    My WS in here : Sand Sculptures Thanks

  9. genny says:

    That’s way too pretty…Mine is ready too.

  10. Lynn says:

    This is just amazing. The way you describe it, it’s like a labyrinth in there. 🙂

  11. There is a famous one here too in Adyar – known as the Adyar aala maram. Believed to be around 400 years old, its main trunk was destroyed in 1990 or so.

    Nice post with great pictures, as usual.

  12. HOBO says:

    All I can say :
    Ohhh my God !

  13. O what gorgeous pics! I loved wandering this world!

    And thank you so much for your delightful comments on my blog!

  14. Carver says:

    Those are amazing shots. What a pleasure to get to see this area.

  15. Those are amazing trees! And the monkeys are all so cute!

    My WS are posted in these blogs:
    Jenn Was Here
    Familia Khuletz and
    Shutter Happenings

    I would appreciate it if you would hop by and visit. Thanks!

  16. Maddy says:

    We used to keep the prop root in oil bottle to apply on head. My mother insisted, but I refused most of the time.End result, I could count whats left on top of my head!!LOl

  17. Jeanne says:

    great shots…

    My WS Entry is HERE

  18. Lakshmi says:

    One of my fav spots..been a while since I went there…in Madras, the Adyar Alamaram or the banyan tree as its known in Tamil is one of the oldest and the theosophical society is built around it..awesome place..:)

  19. AJEYA RAO says:

    Thisis one place i have been planning to go since a looong time….Its true what they say – You never get time to see the places nearer. 🙂 I take the mysore road daily till Bidadi and have several times come across this deviaiton To Doda allada mara.

  20. Bengbeng says:

    i heard so much abt the banyan this is the first time i have seen it. wat an experience. it is so much in folk lore and rfairy tales. thanks!

  21. Kat says:

    I liked that…. “…crush the prop root of Banyan with elephant dung ….. Do let me know if any of you is trying out this. :)”

    mmmm looking for experimental monkeys ? Where’s my helmet?..!!!

  22. polona says:

    wow, these trees look really impressive! and they seem to form quite an ecosystem… wonderful

  23. Maddy says:

    that looked fascinating – did i tell you about the big one on Edison’s estate in Florida and the biggest in Calcutta? Check them out…

  24. Ash says:

    Wow these are Amazing…

  25. Randall says:

    Beautiful photos! I’d only heard of Bangalore as a high-tech center.

  26. I will probably never have the opportunity to visit, so thank you SO much for sharing this amazing tree! Very cool!

  27. Rachel says:

    Wow — those trees are beautiful. Thank you for sharing those pictures.

    And, thanks for stopping by the other day. 🙂

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