Visit Big Banyan Tree of Bangalore

Plan for Sunday was visit big banyan tree  near Bengaluru.

The Big Banyan Tree of Ramohalli, Bangalore is a favorite weekend haunt of most Bangaloreans. 28 kilometers west of Bangalore, it is very easily accessible by road, with clear signboards towards the location of the Banyan tree. Each time we make a visit there we are awe struck by its vast canopy… 400 years old and still going strong; spread over three acres of land.

The main trunk is no longer there, in its place there is a temple. The tree is worshiped here. All around is a maze of roots, trunks and branches. The branches spread out in all directions, the roots dropping down touch the ground, new shoots develop, which turn into thick trunks. These trunks spread out more branches; it appears as if the tree is walking.

Interestingly the banyan tree is called Bahupada in Sanskrit, meaning one with many legs. It got its name Banyan from the baniyas (merchants, traders) who would assemble under these huge trees to discuss business.

Big Banyan Tree Trivia

The Banyan tree is the national tree of India, the interlinking branches and roots signifying the country’s unity in diversity. Of the various uses of the various parts of the tree, one hair care tip I came across while reading about Banyan trees is: crush the prop root of Banyan with elephant dung and apply to head to have a luxurious hair growth. Women of Indo-Nepal Terai region practice this. Do let me know if any of you is trying out this. 🙂

The whole area looked like a mini jungle; there were plenty of monkeys around. Many visitors to the place were seen calling them and offering eatables to them. It was obvious the monkeys were having a gala time. I was not sure who was entertaining whom. The Big Banyan Tree at Ramohalli, Bangalore is a place worth visiting, if you can appreciate a wonder of nature.


The below pictures are 0f my friend Swarna’s husband Bhaskar feeding the monkeys. The pictures were taken in 2001.

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