View from Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Bridge of Sighs – strange name isn’t it?

It got its name from the sighs of the prisoners who would cross the bridge and experience their last view of the outside world. This bridge connects the interrogation room of Doge’s palace to the prisons. After the prisoners were sentenced to imprisonment, the prisoners were led to their cells through this bridge.

We too crossed the bridge and when we glanced from the windows we realized what that sight from there meant to the prisoners. Freedom, just across the window, the pleasant sight of the canal, gondolas ferrying by and people moving across the next bridge so freely. Anybody would let out a long sigh.

The doors of the prison cells wore a ghostly look. Inside the cells we found walls covered by graffiti of the prisoners. Today photographers voraciously take pictures both from within the bridge and from outside. There is no way one can miss it!

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