Verona Arena

I expected the arena at Verona to be in ruins. Imagine something belonging to first century AD… I had pictured it to be something like crumbling walls, broken arches, the seats in shambles… but NO. Not this arena. It is an ‘intact piece’. There were no major marbled decorations or carvings, nevertheless the structure seemed complete.

We were there on a Sunday evening, after driving down from Venice, we checked into a hotel and then rushed to see the must see places around. I was worried if the visiting hours would be over, since the plan was to leave for Lucerne the next morning we had very little time in hand. When we reached the arena, we found the performers were winding up just after a performance. Oh! What a miss!

Romans had built this arena for gladiator fights, tournaments, races and markets. It was damaged in 1117 due to an earthquake. It is smaller today than what it used to be in 1st AD, the restoration and maintenance works in it has preserved this in a wonderful usable condition. The tickets for those red seats are the most expensive but given a chance i would prefer to sit on those grey seats and watch a performance. The interiors were equally impressive, tunnels all along, steps leading to the seating arrangement. A special entrance for the performers, the arena has featured many of world’s most notable opera singers.

This is definitely the best monument to see in Verona.

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