Vegetable Salad

Suranga date penned out a beautiful poem on my picture of simple vegetable salad. She is a magician with words and churns out lovely poems on pictures that inspire her. See her FB page Food Poetry.

My friend Indrani Ghose posted this very
artistic photo of a healthy salad of fresh cucumber, carrot, and tomato.
The last mentioned in the form of its peel, converted into a rose,
with a coriander stem.
Then a poem happened. Even the recipe !

She often got a complex
seeing them .

Tall, slim,
and occasionally
in different shades
of orange , pink and green
they always
stood out
as they hung around
in various baskets,
while she,
a fire engine red,
plump and rolypoly,
sat with her contemporaries
waiting to be selected.

Sometimes ,
crushed into soup,
and sometimes,
just cut up into pieces
she had
almost given up,
when one day
an artist
cleaned her up,
peeled the outside gently,
in one piece,
and curled it
magically around itself.

 The carrots and cucumbers,
fell on their backs,
despite their
fancy scalloped edges.

Last seen
Mother Dhaniya
was seen
patting them in sympathy,
while the new red rose,
kept wiping off
tears of joy
the salt and pepper
was getting into the eyes.”

 Suaranga Date’s post here.

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