Vatican Museum

We were advised to be early at Vatican Museum to avoid the long queues. We did reach early too, after spending more than three hours at St. Peter’s we were dreading the next long queue we would face at Vatican Museum. To our surprise we didn’t face any queue. As we surged ahead anticipating the tail of the queue at the next bend, we were pleasantly surprised to see the doors wide open and no crowd of tourists around. Getting the tickets was an easy affair again. We couldn’t believe our lucky stars. So can I conclude: a Tuesday of April can be a good day to visit Vatican Museum to avoid long queues?

Six hours all to ourselves in Vatican Museum. A good study of the Museum beforehand helped us divide our time in the various sections. This museum is 14.5 kms long and researchers say if you spend just 30 seconds admiring each and every art you will take more than four years to complete it. How is that!

We moved on from section to section, rooms to rooms; not facing much tourist crowds like how it was in Uffizi. The crowd was at Sistine Chapel, it was like ‘all roads that led to Rome’ ended here. Tourists stood glued to their spots under this ceiling admiring the work of Michelangelo. Quite understandably so, particularly those tourists who feel they may never make a second visit, they would want to gobble it all up with their eyes.

The guards around in this chapel were busy managing the crowds “no photography”, “silence”, “quiet please”… but tourists around couldn’t help contain their wonder and excitement. All in all, the entire tour was a memorable experience and I loved each minute I spent there, inside this great museum.

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43 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing , Wonderful pics and description .

  2. I was there almost two years ago (luckily for the second time).
    It was an experience I would love to have again. I love Italy.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  3. ladyfi says:

    What gorgeously serene shots. That stained glass window is stunning.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information. Nice pics, would love to go there some day!

  5. You have made it to Vatican City, well done. It is beautiful.

  6. How precious to have this wonderful place and all its contents exlusively for your viewing pleasure.

    I never got around to coming here. No time for that. Fingers crossed, next time I hope.

  7. Elettra says:

    a true heritage for all humanity !!!!

  8. richies says:

    I would love to see the museum

    An Arkies Musings

  9. Sylvia K says:

    I, too, would love to visit the museum! The next best thing are your marvelous photos, Indrani, and your description of your tour, your experience in your own words! Great post and photos as always! Hope you enjoy a wonderful week!


  10. I would also love to visit the museum. Great pics.

  11. Titania says:

    One can barely comprehend all the works of art, the artists who have contributed to it. Just marvelous.

  12. Six hours divided into sections sounds brilliant. You were lucky it wasn’t crowded. I was there last fall and it was shoulder to shoulder in many areas, especially the Sistine Chapel were necks were craned upward looking at the marvelous ceiling. The guards shushed the muttering crowd and many people kept trying to take pictures despite being asked not to. It was mesmerizing to see history up close and personal!

  13. Rajesh says:

    Beautiful images from Vatican Museum.

  14. Krishna says:

    hi indrani

    good photos


  15. Anu says:

    Beautiful!! thanks to you i am enjoying the beauty of europe without setting out from home!

  16. Pietro says:

    Thrilling, Indrani! Thanks for sharing this beautiful views of the Vatican Museum.

  17. Haddock says:

    Wow….so many places to visit.
    My list is increasing.

  18. Merisi says:

    Lovely memories!

    I happened to "have to" go there on a Saturday morning in July, during the busy tourist season, and still can't believe that at 11AM there was no line at all. Lucky stars. 😉

  19. Sridharan says:

    Great memories.. Surprised to read "No Photography".

  20. Anya says:

    Great shots from The vaticani 🙂
    I think your third shot was not easy to make 😉

  21. George says:

    Thank you for taking us along with you on your visit to the museum. I'm glad the queues weren't too bad. I love the picture of the ceiling that you captured. It's simply gorgeous.

  22. Regina says:

    Exquisite Italy. How wonderful!

    Thank you for sahring Indrani.

  23. Wren says:

    lovely – and how lucky to miss all the crowds.

    we missed seeing this when we were in Rome. We arrived the day Pope John Paul II died, and everything was closed (as you would expect) for the entirety of our trip.

    At least I now have a small taste of what i missed.

  24. Reader Wil says:

    Your tour in Vatican Museum must have been a lifetime experience especially with the photos remembering you of the treasures you could admire there.

  25. c'est magnifique, merci pour la visite que tu nous proposes

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

  26. What an extraordinary place. So much story, love, compassion in one place.

  27. eileeninmd says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful place, Indrani! Your photos are wonderful.

  28. Your post brought back some hilarious memories… I wore hot pants the day I went to Vatican.. and I was politely asked to buy a scarf from the souvenir shop and wrap it around my waist… :-p ROFL… I could never have imagined that… 🙂

    Nice pics…

  29. Ananth says:

    Vaticano is one of my most cherished places of visit other than The Colosseo. Lovely post, brought back some wonderful memories.

  30. Lovely shots and thanks for sharing..

  31. Arun says:

    That’s one big museum then.

  32. Sneh says:

    Nice post Indrani.. I also wish to visit Vatican someday 🙂

  33. WOW!! wonderful narration. Greatly informative. And pics are so amazing. Wonderful share Indrani…loved reading it 🙂

  34. Yogi saraswat says:

    All in all, the entire tour was a memorable experience and I loved each minute . You enjoyed there Indrani ji and we are enjoying each word and photos through your lenses. Well written .

  35. Breathtakingly beautiful views of the Vantica Museum!

  36. Truly Artistic.. Very much eye capturing!

  37. The museum looks beautiful. Great captures 🙂

  38. Ami says:

    I love this museum. Totally enjoyed every minute of it. Do check out my account of the same.

  39. Vyjay says:

    We were lost in the timeless wonder of the Vatican Museum when we were there. There was a crowd when we were there but as we had to skip the line tickets we were able to beat them. The piece de resistance is, of course, The Sistine Chapel. OMG! what an awe inspiring place.

  40. We had visited Vatican Museum during our Rome trip with family last year and must agree it houses some of the incredible art of bygone times. Sistine Chapel was the most impressive.

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