Vacation Time !

For the next seventeen days I will be touring Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France. We have planned the entire itinerary ourselves, that includes tickets to places to stay and the places to see. No tour operator’s help taken. I hope the weather will be friendly.

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24 Responses

  1. Have a nice holiday. And the flying bird, it's marvelous.

  2. Wowww was für ein grossartiges Bild liebe Indrani…

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  3. Joop Zand says:

    When will you be in Holland ?

    I hope you have a wonderful time here.

    warm greetings, Joop

  4. ashok says:

    Thats great…enjoy and looking forward to your travel photos!

  5. Great , have a nice time……

  6. Haddock says:

    This sounds exactly like how we did last year and the same countries (except Germany)

  7. arabesque says:

    hi Indrani,
    I wish you and fellow travelers happy travels! ^0^
    do share us your experiences when you get back. ^-^
    would love to hear all about it.

  8. Sylvia K says:

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and see lots of beautiful places! And I look forward to your photos when you return — they will be the next best thing to having a vacation myself! Enjoy!!!


  9. Nisha says:

    How do you manage so many vacations? 🙂

    I have been to all these countries and would love to see your take on them.
    Happy travels and enjoy your trip.

  10. George says:

    Have a great holiday and take lots of pictures to share with us.

  11. have a wonderful and safe trip!

  12. Krishna says:

    Have a great holiday

  13. hyd says:

    good post…

  14. Have fun and we will look forward to the photos of your travels. Thanks to the internet one no longer needs tour operators and it is so much more fun organising it all ones self.

  15. VaishVijay says:

    Thatz the way to travel! Bon voyage:)

  16. Anya says:

    Have a wonderful time in Europe 🙂

  17. Carver says:

    Fantastic shot of the bird in flight. I hope you have a great vacation and perfect weather for it.

  18. All the best ! Have a nice time

  19. Viola says:

    You are a real adventurer!! I wish you a very nice travel!! =) and many photos on your blog hereafter.. :))

    A beautiful photo of the bird! =)

  20. ladyfi says:

    Enjoy your travels and come back with lots of lovely shots!

  21. the image sums up every traveloholic's feeling when they are about to embark upon a journey!!!

    happy travels!!

  22. Onkar says:

    Lovely picture. All the best for your tour.

  23. Lovely image here Indrani.. 🙂

    Angad Achappa
    Indian Wildlife Photography

  24. Vaish says:

    Enjoy your vacation…

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