Usha Uthup

Last Sunday I had the good fortune of taking Usha Uthup’s shots. She had come to our part of Bangalore to perform for the closing function of Durga Puja celebrations.

And what a performance Ushaji gave… the crowds were dancing to the cool Bengali and Hindi songs she sang. Usha Uthup thoroughly entertains and knows to strike the right chord with her audiences wherever she is. And on Sunday night 17th Oct too, she quickly generated a dynamic rapport with the residents of Indiranagar, Bangalore.

I must admit here, I froze at the first sight I got of her. Her Kanjeevaram saree, string of jasmine flowers, columns of bangles, eyes lined with kajal and her trade mark bindi with Bengali alphabet ‘Ka’ , all seeking my attention at the same time. Is she really 63 years old? Many in the crowd kept sinking back into their chairs unable to cope up with her zeal and non-stop performance. But I was not tired of taking her shots. I took 63 shots!

“GOLDEN” see more shots here.
Neel Kamal
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