Unnamed Forgotten Terracotta Temples, Joypur, West Bengal

Joypur, 18kms from Bishnupur has two reasonably well maintained terracotta temples. The drive through Joypur forest reserve was refreshing and we planned to search out the temples in the interiors of village of Joypur. We had to halt at several place to ask for directions. Finally we did manage to locate the temples. Before I present them to you here are two unnamed, forgotten terracotta temples from Joypur.

The dilapidated condition of the temples crushed my heart! These temples belonged to rich zamindars (landlords) many many decades back. As they fell into bad times, taking care of these temples proved a costly affair to them and hence neglected.

Look at the door, made from tin sheets, the path too looked 
unused for long with shrubs and dry leaves all around.

The pujari who conducts pujas in these temples have to a Brahmin by caste and they have to be offered rice, vegetables and clothes on monthly basis, this is besides the daily stuff required for puja, I was told. With not much resources left for their own families and as the families grew bigger, none took responsibility to maintain these daily affairs.

This work on the walls there reminded me of
 what we see as graffiti these days in cities.

Our World Tuesday.

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