Unknown Destination

For this week’s Thursday Challenge on Trails I have this pic of long winding road taken during the drive from Chikmagalur to Bangalore.

I believe that all roads lead to the same place – and that is wherever all roads lead to. 
~ Willie Nelson

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19 Responses

  1. This is a 'long winding road', beautiful image.

  2. Sylvia K says:

    Beautiful it is indeed, Indrani, as always! Love Nelsons words! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

  3. D. Prabhu says:

    Beautiful capture 🙂

  4. George says:

    I would certainly like to see where this road leads.

  5. Nice picture Indrani…

    From Bangalore to my hometown you have to travel 7593 kilometers 😉

  6. magiceye says:

    Beautifully composed and shot!

  7. Fortunately the roads are not the same.

  8. Bikram says:

    What a beautiful pic.. loved it

    my roads take me HOME ..


  9. Gattina says:

    Nice road for walking along !

  10. Beautiful interpretation of the Challenge and the road leads to heaven or perhaps just continue in your life.

  11. Gail Dixon says:

    Makes me want to take a leisurely stroll. Very beautiful.

  12. Carver says:

    Beautiful. Looks like a great street to walk down with the beautiful shade.

  13. Jeevan says:

    quite inviting to take a drive… beautiful capture!

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