Udaipur City Palace at Night

The unfortunate part of night photography is: you take innumerable photos with minor variation in settings; at the end of it you have only a few winner shots!

Without a tripod, and slow exposure settings of camera, one has to have extremely steady hands to get some good shots or else place your camera on a firm base and click which is what I did. Frankly, I have a stack of blurred shots from that night and here I am sharing three of the night shots of the illuminated Udaipur City Palace that came out reasonably well.

The Sound and Light of the Udaipur City Palace is one stupendous show one shouldn’t miss if one is sightseeing there in the city. The history of Mewars, stories of courage under duress, sacrifices and triumphs are narrated, with various sections of the palace getting lighted at different times and with dramatic sound effects, an ultimate combination of visual and audio treat. Huge amount of coordination, research and thought must have gone in to the making of the hour long show. I never found the subject ‘History’ so interesting before.

Well, I have learnt a lesson: always carry your tripod along with you, even if that means less space for souvenirs on your way back. I am yet to perfect my skills in this. Do leave me some tips on night photography.


Happy Holi
Rolls Royce at Cars Museum, Udaipur

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  • Oh I know how tricky-to-impossible night photography can be. You certainly did a great job with these three shots though. I’ve achieved best results from a wide aperture, slow shutter speed (which is where a tripod would come in handy), high ISO and minimal zoom. I was very grateful when I figured out those settings on my digital camera, and stopped relying on the auto/pre-sets. Your photos are always lovely.

  • Your photos always look perfect to me! A tripod must be very heavy! The buildings you show and the information are extremely interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh..Just saw your posts..Some connection between your posts and me…!!

    My parents have lived in Chittorgarh, when I was studying in Bangalore, so I relate to your post on AERO INDIA, and the posts on Chittorgarh. I have seen Chittorgarh fort twice or thrice, its amazing!! Since Udaipur is just 2 hrs from Chittorgarh, I have seen the Vintage car display..and the city palace. I loved Udaipur…!! You should write something about the Lake palace too. Also put up the pics, thats beautiful as well…!!

  • Well those all turned out really well – just beautiful! Night shots always tempt me, too, but I don’t get ones like these!

  • Inspite of the limitation, you have done a good job!

  • I am new to photography, though I love it, and have taken pictures for years. These were well worth clicking on. Lovely.

  • I think these are really beautiful night shots! I really enjoy your posts and I’m so glad you’re sharing your world with us!

  • Your photos are marvelous. I have trouble getting good night shots so I really enjoy yours. Thank you for visiting.

  • Successful night shots depend on either being able to shoot a faster shutter or stabilizing the camera if that’s not possible.

    Equipment helps — a tripod is obviously the biggest single aid, but sometimes even if you can bring it with you you’re not in a place where you can use it. A monopod can be a suitable substitute, though not nearly as stable. Image stabilized lenses can help, but given a choice a “faster” (one with a wider maximum aperture) is preferable. In other words, given a choice between an IS lens with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 and a non-IS lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 the 2.8 lens is more advantageous.

    And even with a tripod, for very long exposures it’s beneficial to use a remote shutter release. And if your camera has the capability, you may want to use mirror lockup to dampen internal vibration caused by the mirror flipping up prior to releasing the shutter.

    Holding the camera steady takes technique and practice, but it’s a skill that can be learned. Mainly you have to be willing to take control of the camera and just do it — over and over and over until you get comfortable with it.

  • Oh, I got so wrapped up in the tutorial I forgot to say that whatever you did on these three shots, do that! Because these are great!

  • Thanks for the lessons in night photography. Had you tried video of the sound and light show?

  • Beautiful shots. You did a great job. Especially without a tripod! Thank you for sharing.

  • These are really beautiful.

  • I think you did a great job photographing the palace at night. Beautiful!

  • I’m not at all sure you need any tips, these are great piccies! It’s a beautiful building and a great post.

  • Fantastic night photos, what a beautiful building. wow

    Have a great week!
    Regina In Pictures

  • It’s a brilliant and beautiful building all lit up. I thought the captures came out fine, especially without a tripod.

  • Looks like a nice place to film movies… 😉

  • Some truly stunning night shots 🙂

  • they are beautiful and yes, you got steady hands 🙂 have to agree with the tripod thing..bye bye souvenirs!

  • Can’t give you any advice on photography but what I can tell you is that I’d love to spend the night that palace! 🙂

  • It’s amazing! The lights delight! Very true, I use to increase the ISO to avoid blur, but grains are unavoidable at zoom.

  • Great post and photos.

  • I think you showed the building on a good light! Definitely lot of excellent shots. Night photography is just different than day photography. It takes a lot of patience and trying out. It´s a slow hobby!

  • I think some movie was shot here…Ekalavya or Bhool Bhoolaya…cant recollect.

  • The result of your patience is wonderful ! What an amazing architecture !

  • Magnificent collection of night shots of such a wonderful building.

  • Beautiful photo, impressive building!

    Inside Cambodia

  • Lovely pictures, Indrani! We went to Jaipur to few years ago, but our flight on to Udaipur was canceled and we never got to see it. But I’m enjoying looking at the pics through your eyes!

  • I was here on diwali eve a couple of years back and all my night photos have come really bad !!! sob sob !!

    these are beautiful captures !!

    tripod ? lemme think !

  • I can only wish that any of my night shots, EVER turned out like these!

  • Oh it is so beautiful and looked so magical. I am no good with night photography.

  • You did very well with these. I found you have to keep trying night photography to get better at it. Maybe you can look into a Gorilla tripod. It is real small and it really works.

  • Wonderful photos! I like the last one a lot with the light reflections on the wall. Have a great new week!

  • Your photos look wonderful. The interior lighting is very well brought out.

  • Magical indeed. I always experiment like you with night photography, unfortunately I don’t have a tripod (yet!).

  • Night & Sound programmes always help in understanding the History of the place with correct prespective. I have similar wondurful experience when I learnt about exploits of Veer sawarkar in a night & sound programme at Celular Jail.

  • Looks pretty magical to me.

  • This is GORGEOUS! I love the golden light from the golden building. Stunning.

  • Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog this week. It allowed me an opportunity to come visit you, and start more conversations.

  • These few shots are winners of their own 🙂 The palace looks magnificent!

  • these are superb captures!!

  • Just brilliant!

  • Marvellous post, and pictures. Lovely to catch up on your posts Indrani. Like you, I developed an interest in history only after I began my travels.:)

  • i think these are great night shots…i took a few night shots on my recent vacation in italy and am probably not going to post them as they have the blur…
    enjoyed your post and info.
    thanks for sharing.

  • Gorgeous! I want to visit this place all the more now.

  • Palace look beautiful at night. I have visited it in a day, posted some of its pictures on my blog.

  • few or more..stunning pics Indrani..i really wish i could go back to Udaipur..Its been 6 long years

  • Oh my goodness..I don’t have many tips because I am the “save room for souvenir” person myself. However those are some of the most beautiful night shots I have seen!! Worth framing…Love them!

  • Tips? – you don’t need a tripod :)))

    A friend of mine has a full sized tripod that folds to approx 9 inches and is ultra light. Imported it seems.

  • Albert y Mara fotoblog
    2 years ago

    Indeed nice posts for the challenge. Gr eetings from us.

  • Thanks for the tips on night photography. I am going to be in Mysore this Dussera and i am told the illumination of the palace is not to be missed. Looking forward to some winner shots out there.

    Excellent photographs of the Udaipur palace.

  • very nice blog…Rajasthan is next on our list…

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