Twist of Taste by Chef Vikas Khanna

Food fusion as an experiment can prove to be a grand success or disaster! Often its rating is at the mercy of the consumer. The Chef may have put in his/her most creative skills, combined the flavors and presented the platter with most exotic dressing, yet it is the customer who passes the judgment on whether the pleasure was doubled. Recently I was at one such food fusion event “Twist of Taste” at Shiro, UB City, Bangalore. This menu is created by Chef Vikas Khanna.

I returned craving for more!

The spread had seven items inclusive of starters, soup and main dish. Panko Crusted Prawn Rawa Fry Style was definitely the winner among the 2 non-veg starters, the other one being Xacuti Masala Grilled Rice Paper Roll Chicken. Of the two XMGRCRC is healthier and that is for the calorie conscious people; with a dash of sauce there the pleasures can be heightened. When I eat I don’t count calories, so I went crunch crunch on crunchy panko crusted prawns.

Crispy Tofu with Tamarind Chutney in Paper Basket was an instant hit with my vegetarian friends. I specially liked its tangy taste, and the tofu cubes seem to have soaked in the tamarind flavor well.

The “Coconut and Lemon Grass Soup with Rasam Powder” was the most innovative soup I had in the recent times. How does one explain this! The rich milky taste of coconut spiked with spices of south Indian rasam powder and mellowed down with lemon grass… each sip made me more confused as to which flavor lingered more. This definitely is a must have if you are there.

For main dish there was “Lemon Fried Rice with Peanut and Pineapple”. This is a different version of “Lemon Rice” of south. The rice used was Japanese rice which gave a slightly sticky feel in mouth. That is fusion experiment with food! A whole new dish just by replacing the main element of a traditional dish!

The accompaniments with the main dish were Kerala Style Prawn Curry with Thai Red Curry Paste and Steam fish in Lotus Leaf with Malabar Curry Spice. Kerala style prawn curry by itself is a winner; imagine the smashing results when combined with yet another winner the Thai Red Curry paste. Similarly steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf with mustard and coconut paste is a popular dish of Bengal. The dressing was changed here. It was coated with Malabar Spices and wrapped in lotus leaf. Both experiments get 100% marks from me in terms of taste and presentation!

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