Tuscan Poppies

The sight of Tuscan red poppies greets you as you drive through Tuscany. It was late April when we drove through this scenic region. There were patches of bright red bursts here and there; the fields were yet to go fully ablaze. All possibilities of getting your dream shot if you are there in mid May… lie down and take the shot of red poppy against the bright blue sky. Something similar to this.

I had company of the busy bees there which discouraged me, rather distracted me. They too were trying to extract the best possible from these wild poppies.

Year after year these poppy plants sprout, as if from nothing and with out any care and human intervention they flower. The seeds are known to be dormant for 40 years sometimes before they germinate. That is the strength of nature!

Wishing that Wish at Trevi Fountain in Rome
Trajan's Column, Rome

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