Trip To Kolkata

For the next couple of weeks I will be touring Kolkata and parts of West Bengal, my native state. I will be visiting Kolkata after twelve years, very eager to see the changes and excited for the new experiences. At the same time I have a small fear on my mind about the safety aspect. For the past three years I had been planning Europe vacations, never did once the ‘unsafe’ factor crop into my mind, but this time I slightly worried on this issue.Hopefully things will move as per plan.

I have scheduled some auto posts from my Europe 2012 experiences so that my blog doesn’t die down due to inactivity. I will be touring interiors of West Bengal, therefore internet connection may not be possible, and I will post comments on your lovely blogposts once I return from my trip. Thanks in advance!

The rough route plan below: Kalyani – Kalna – Nabadwip – Bolpur – Siuri – Barakar – Bishnupur (all in West Bengal), then a couple of days in Kolkata and Sunderbans.

Doors of Reims Cathedral, France
Europe's Most Beautiful Balcony, Luxembourg City

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  • I'm really looking forward to your posts of your new adventure, Indrani!! I hope you have a wonderful experience, take care, stay safe and ENJOY!

  • i do wish you safe travels.

  • wow, I can see, you'll be visiting some exciting places. Have a great trip! Look me up when you're in Kolkata., Indrani!Would love to meet you:)

  • It looks as if you have a wonderful trip planned. I hope it is a happy and safe experience, and I look forward to hearing all about it.

  • It looks as if you have a wonderful trip planned. I hope it is a happy and safe time, and I look forward to hearing more about it when you return.

  • Enjoy your trip. I have never been to West Bengal, leave alone Kolkata.

    About safety issues, I said the same in a meet yesterday that I have never felt unsafe travelling alone in any other country except in my own.
    Sad state of affairs.

    Anyway, bring back lovely photos & stories. Take care, stay safe.

  • It sounds like you'll have a wonderful trip, Indrani. I understand your worries though. Be safe.. I'll keep you in my best thoughts. Do enjoy!

  • Have a great and safe trip, Indrani! I shall look forward to your posts. The east is still a mystery to me, and I wonder when I will be able to go and explore it for myself. till then, I am trying to satisfy myself by reading about it..

  • All the Best Indrani! Have a nice time in you home state

  • Have a happy and safe journey.

  • Have a wonderful trip will look forward to reading all about it here. Thankyou for your kind words on my own blog.

  • Enjoy your time in Kolkata, and eat lot of Rasgullas 🙂

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