Tree Takesover Temple

While touring Mayapur, West Bengal, I came across this temple taken over completely by a banyan tree. The roots flowed down across all the walls to ground holding the temple firmly in its place. The pressure from the roots has caused cracks on the walls.

The whole process is a slow one. People around don’t even remember since when this slow process of damage is taking place, they hardly notice any. From exteriors only the top dome is visible. The main shrine is surrounded by tents and there is a mini market flourishing inside which sells mainly the puja items and fresh flowers.

The partly unconquered stone work that is visible is a good indication of the beauty of the temple when it was made.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, I managed to take some pics throught the closed doors of the temple.


I think nature should not be disturbed; we will lose one temple over a period of time no doubt. What do you think?

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