Traditional Malaysian Kites at International Kite Festival

When have you last flown a kite? Those who have made and flown kites will know the thrill that comes with it. The entertainment sources for children today are plenty yet the opportunity to fly kites on a sunny day is a great delight for them. Kite flying is a sport pursued vigorously in many parts of the world.

For Malaysia too, kite flying is a legendary sport.Kite making is a traditional craft in Malaysian states Kelantan, Terengannu, Kedah and Perlis. The Wau Bulan, is intricately designed Traditional Malaysian moon kite, made of paper and bamboo. It is crescent shaped measuring three meters in length and breadth, quite a huge one compared to the normal ones I have seen here in India. This kite is one of the three official kites of Malaysia. It is easy to handle and stable against strong winds. Have you noticed the logo of Malaysia Airlines? It is the figure of the cat kite, Wau Kuching of Terengannu.

Traditional Malaysian Kites

(Pic: Beehive Communications)

Variety of Traditional Malaysian Kites

I was surprised to read about other varieties of Wau, Traditional Malaysian Kites:  Wau Dodo Helang, Wau Kebayak, Wau Daun, Wau Kikik, Wau Merak, Wau Puyuh, Wau Kapal, Wau Seri Bulan, Wau Helang, Wau Kangkang, and the Wau Seri Negeri. For centuries Malayans have been making kites, today the art is nearing extinction. But events like International Kite Festival at Pasir Gudang, Johor, held every year helps preserve their treasured heritage “Wau”. These events keep alive the stories and folklore associated with these kites.

Wau Bulan    (Pic: Beehive Communications)

The date for next International Kite Festival has been set for 20th February in 2013. You can plan your trip to Malaysia around this time to witness and take part in the grand event.


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