Today from Salzburg

Last five days have been hectic! We were based in Zurich and traveling north, south, east and west of Switzerland. Lots of sightseeing done, plenty of photographs taken, thanks to Swiss Rail Pass.

It was a long drive today from Zurich to Salzburg via Neuschwanstein Castle (pic above), Fussen, Germany. Thank you so much friends for the lovely comments and wishes. Hope to login again.

Peterskirche, Vienna
From Frankfurt

10 Responses to “Today from Salzburg

  • Hi Indrani! Finally some time to stop by…
    Twenty three days travelling? Wow, lucky you… 😉
    Neuschwanstein is fabulous!!

    Blogtrotter Two is still strolling in Amsterdam… Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

  • Hey, this is not enough. More details required.
    Will have a look at that pass.
    (will be there in Aug)

  • Indrani, this is a fantastic view of the Neuschwanstein Castle!

  • What a beautiful and romantic picture.
    The light fell just right on the front of that castle.

  • beautiful picture and some thing more from you.

  • thats a romantic shot of the castle!!….have lots of fun!!!!

  • Oh I cannot wait for the photos. Would be something I have never seen before.

  • Beautiful shot of the castle, Indrani!

  • oh i wish i'd get to visit the places you've mention soon.
    I've only been to Europe once and that was awhile back, when my camera wasn't digital yet. ^0^
    I was hoping to re-visit the whole thing again.
    this a nice foto of SAlzburg by the way.
    I hope despite the hectic schedule you have, you're enjoying the trip. ^0^

  • Greatings from Germany. 🙂

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