Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Unusually Shaped Vegetable

While making the regular weekly purchases of vegetables, I chanced on this unusually shaped vegetable. It was a brinjal (eggplant). As I picked it up I felt the brinjal saying ‘Thumbs up! Come on pick me up!’

Thumbs_Up! unusually shaped vegetable
Later the vendor weighed it and returned it to me, she was holding the brinjal in such a way, as if it was saying and mocking at me ‘Thumbs down!’

Thumbs_Down! unusually shaped vegetable
I shook my head, that can’t be, it has to be thumbs up. At home all of us had a good look at the brinjal, my daughters found this unusually shaped vegetable funny. My husband was more interested whether it will be begun bhaja or begun poda.

As I was trying out my culinary skills on the brinjal I was thinking…

Inspiring Unusually Shaped Vegetable

Every day in life we stumble on various characters which leaves a lasting impression in our minds, sometimes they make our day and sometimes they ruin our spirits. And as I am growing older it is dawning on me how a positive spin on life can dramatically improve our life. Accumulating negative emotions develops negative attitude towards life. With various characters perpetuating a negative thinking, it is our understanding and appreciating the significance of what is being told that will help us absorb the positive message.

Remember the character Eeyore in Winne the Pooh preaching the negative message, as a child have we ever got influenced by him? It was Pooh, Tigger and the rest whom we appreciated. “Each of us must make a decision, best captured in A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh characters. Am I a fun-loving Tigger or a sad-sack Eeyore?” So asks Randy Pausch in his Parade Magazine article (April 6, 2008). RIP, Randy! We hope to translate your life’s lessons into our own lives.

God has given us the choice of how to analyze the various situations around us and shape the life He has given us. Now it depends on us whether we make an optimistic note or pessimistic note of the events in our life.

So friends, is it ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’?





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31 Responses to “Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Unusually Shaped Vegetable

  • The mantra as per me :
    No matter how old we are we should try to keep alive the child within each of us…

  • How cool is THAT.

    I definitely say thumbs up.

  • That is one funny Eggplant!!!!!

  • That is a fantastic piece. Thank you for the message. Sometimes I’m Eeyore, sometimes I’m Tigger. Often I’m more like Pooh — a bear of very little brain.

  • How cool are you for getting a life lesson out of veggie shopping??!! I LOVE it.

    And most certainly thumbs UP.

  • No, Eeyore is the best. The rest are too over the top happy/psychotic. Eeyore is much closer to being a realist.

  • Yup, i would want a thumbs up, no doubt! You’re lucky to have such a queer vegetable in your hands!

  • How cool! Way too cool! Funny eggplant! Great picking!

  • It is all in the perspective – what a neat lesson.
    Tempting brinjal!

  • What deep thought inspired by this purchase. thaks for sharing.

  • Definitely funny looking. But how true all of what you said is. Wow.

  • the good old is the glass half full or half empty…

    interesting fruit though 😉

  • Always a thumbs up! We all need to focus on the positive in life. I think it’s a great picture. Totally makes me smile. 🙂

  • I always loved eeyore. Cool find though.

  • Thanks for dropping by my PSF post. This eggplant is really cute! I say thumbs up! =)

  • I love eggplant. How cute is that one??

    I think it should always be thumbs up.

  • Indarani thank for stopping by on my blog….I really enjoy your blog too.

  • Thank you for stopping by on my blog….I really enjoyed your blog too.

  • You always have such interesting blogs on various subjects…you can see a message even in shopping…good job…cheers.

  • Thumbs up for a brilliant post, and I like your introspection on life. Cheers!

  • That was a nice one Indrani, with the old lesson 🙂

  • That is AWESOME! Thumbs up TOTALLY!

  • that’s an amusing eggplant!
    and it has prompted you to convey a very nice message… i prefer thumbs up!

  • Firstly, I loved your post, becasue i think in the same line – One needs to think positively in life to enjoy it. I had once written a post with similar thought about something that made me look at positive side of life. Thought of sharing it with you –

  • Hi Indrani,

    Hope you are doing fine. I am back on the blogosphere; and with a new blog. Please visit it…


  • There was once an astute village elder who used to answer all the
    questions of the villagers. A couple of young lads wanted to
    prove that he wasn’t all that wise. They took a small bird in
    their hand, hid it behind their back and asked him… ” Could you
    tell whether the bird in our hand is dead or alive?”. They had
    planned to kill the bird and display if the wise man said that
    it’s alive or show as it is, if he tells it’s dead..!!!

    The elderly man smiled and said… “Whether it’s alive or dead
    is all in your hands”.

    Extending the moral – Whether the KAThirikai shows thumbs up or down
    is all in our hands ? …!!!! 😀

  • for me, it has to b thumbs up. thumbs down only at the very last moments after all has been tried n done

  • Thumbs up, certainly, though I’m not at all fond of brinjal.

  • I agree with Chris..
    “Sometimes I’m Eeyore, sometimes I’m Tigger. Often I’m more like Pooh — a bear of very little brain.”

    But we can choose more and more to be Tigger. As you have pointed out Indrani.
    Lessons from an eggplant..keep going Indrani

  • Hello! Indrani I’m having a long vacation I miss blogging Olympic games made me stuck on television after a week of taking care of my sick little boy…Now I’m back missing to read your post..thumbs up for me of course.

  • Thanks Indrani for the trip down memory lane for me .. I have visited the Chamundi Temple , Tipu Sultan’s Palace [this was an intriguing and extremely imaginative pic :)]and The Banyan too ..but years and years ago . This was a nice nostalgic read for me .

    I have always admired your ability to find the most unique and diverse topics to post and this perhaps is a great example of your talent !

    So I of course say a great big

    THUMBS UP !!! 🙂

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