This Is Not Paul

Octopi are rated to be highly intelligent than most other invertebrates, but can that be a reason as to how Paul makes correct choices between the countries?

Octopi are deaf; therefore definitely Paul is not following anybody’s orders. Almost on its self will, it chooses to settle down with the country of its choice.
Octopi have three hearts; probably that is why Paul’s heart beats for other countries too, other than Germany.
Nothing is known about its color blindness or its color sensitiveness, Paul can therefore be not accused of being attracted to a certain color or pattern in flags.

Whatever, Paul has given us so much to talk about in the final days of FIFA, the laughter that it brought us, not taking all these seriously I would like to wish, may the best team win. These are octopus shots I took in Singapore Underwater World.

In the UK, cephalopods such as octopuses are regarded as honorary vertebrates under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 and other cruelty to animals legislation, extending to them protections not normally afforded to invertebrates. So if anybody has plans to slice it up and fry and gobble it up, they will have to rethink. 😉

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Quenching migratory birds in an oasis in Khichan.
Cassowary at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

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