Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu

Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi was visible from a distance as we drove onward towards Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu from Bangalore. Very majestically located on a hillock, Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi can easily lure a traveler/tourist to wander within its walls. From the feedback that I gathered on this fort I knew it was doable in two hours. So, on a sunny after noon we scheduled our trip to the fort. It was definitely worth the time and effort.

Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi, history

The local king of Ramanathapuram, Sethupati Vijaya Raghunatha Tevan built Thirumayam fort Karaikudi on and around the rock at Thirumayam in the year 1687. Later the fort was handed over to his brother in law Raghunatha Raya Tondaiman. Originally it was constructed as “ring fort” with 7 concentric walls, of them only 4 stands strong today.

The Fort

There are several temples in the fort complex dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses, prayers had to be offered for victory in wars. Two of the them are the famous Shiva Temple the Satyagirisvara Temple and a Vishnu temple, the Satyamurti Perumal Temple. The other shrines are dedicated to Hanuman, Sakthi, Ganapathi, Karuppar (guardian deities of the fort) on the southern side and shrine to Bhairava on the northern side.

On top of the hillock is a bastion with cannon of British origin. There are 6 more cannons mounted on north, south and east gates.Most local tourists get themselves photographed there in titanic pose.

A legend associated with the Thirumayam fort Karaikudi is: after the defeat in Poligar War in 1799, Veerapandiya Kattabomman (mind blowing names) and his brother Oomadurai were imprisoned by the British. It is said Oomadurai after his escape from Palayamkottai prison hid himself at Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi. He fought the British from here. The fort is also called Oomaiyan Fort

Thirumayam fort karaikudi tamil nadu
Thirumayam fort karaikudi fort wall exterior


Thirumayam fort karaikudi fort wall skywatch


How to reach Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi

By train: Nearest Railway station is Chettinad Railway station.

By road: The fort is located on Pudukkottai- Karaikudi highway. It is NH210 connecting Tiruchrapalli and Rameshwaram.
From Bangalore via NH44 with tolls, it is 407kms, doable in 7 hours approx.
Via NH48 and NH38 it is 538kms doable in 9hours approx.

Thirumayam fort karaikudi fort wall 3


Thirumayam fort karaikudi fort wall 2


Tourists posing standing on the centuries old cannon.
Thirumayam fort karaikudi tourists


Thirumayam fort karaikudi fort wall


 The cannon believed to have been used centuries back in wars.
Thirumayam fort karaikudi canon


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  1. Seven walls?! How sad only four remain. The wall with what looks like faces on top is intriguing.

  2. Beautiful old fort well preserved and great view from the top !

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    truly impressive! the walls are amazing!

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    Wow.. there are just so many amazing structures of which most are unaware. Beautiful.

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    Awesome!! Wonderful captures and history as always, Indrani!! And thank you, as always, for sharing!! All of that and beautiful skies as well!!! Perfect!

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    The fort looks like a great tourist spot. It looks beautiful against the blue, peaceful sky.

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    That's quite amazing.

  8. I love the history (and the names!!). Really interesting, and great photos.

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    amazing structure. love the rounded stones on top of the walls.

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    What a beautiful fort, I like the design on the top of the walls.. Great series, thanks for sharing. Have a happy weekend!

  11. Lovely fort! Nice to know about it.

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    Brilliant photos Indrani and I always enjoy the history.

  13. Amazing fort, with the surrounds, so well built.

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    What a beautiful fort and lovely shots.

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    Interesting post and great shots of the fort.

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    Such a nice find!

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    Great knowing about this fort and read of facts! Really beautiful captures and amazing perspective

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    Nice to see the pics and read your blog. So many unsung heroes in our country and relatively unknown places!

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    Thanks for sharing less traveled place.

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    Beautiful shots. I like the crenelations on the wall, some of which look like little faces.

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    Impressive ! reminds me of chritradurga

  28. A really beautiful fort. Loved the various pictures that you have taken of the forts walls.

  29. Majestic indeed! Amazed that the wall is still in very good condition! Aren't those red lines (in between the stones) the ancient cement?

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