Indian Street Food Themed Brunch at Glasshouse

Almost each one of us would have succumbed to the lure of street food at some point in our life! If you have not tasted Indian street food yet then you are for sure missing something in life!

There are evidences of street food being popular even in the ruins of Pompeii, and in ancient Greece too. Probably the first kind of street food was fried fish! The popularity continues even today. I will say street food is an international phenomenon! And each city in the world is famous for some dish or the other. For example it is waffles in Brussels. You must try them if you are there. And french fries, you know where they originate from, don’t you!

Indian Street Food

India is a vast country and has its own set of popular street food unique to each state. Sold in wheeled carts, the food is fresh and warm, most important fact is they dish out tasty stuffs. Street food has spread far from their place of origin and they are enjoyed and relished as much as the local food. Street food festivals are thus a rage.

The ongoing celebration of street food at Hyatt Regency is a must visit place to devour a wide range of them… all under one roof. The cravings for street food know no time… so for brunch or for lunch or for that irresistible bites at night head over to Hyatt Regency and indulge over the spread there.

Glasshouse, the all hours dining restaurant at Hyatt Regency Mumbai organizes exciting Sunday brunches every week. And one Sunday of every month is dedicated to bringing alive an exciting & inventive concept alive through food & decor. This month, glasshouse will be home to the vibrant street food from across India.

Indian Street Food - Jalebi

Indian Street Food – Jalebi

Favorite Food from  Streets of India

Imagine a brunch full of your favorites from the streets of India. Many hotels carefully put together a menu featuring the best from across the country. Savor delectable Gushtaba & Palak Nadur from Kashmir, Appams served with stew and string hoppers from Kerala. Indulge in the famed Vada Pav & Zunka Bhakar from amchi Mumbai & the soul satisfying Rajma Chawal & Pindi Choley from the streets of Delhi.

A street food experience would be incomplete without the melt in your mouth Galouti kebabs of Lucknow & the sweet & tangy Puchkas of Kolkata. Watch the chefs in action at electrifying live counters dishing out regional delicacies, cooked to perfection.

Round off your meal with sinfully indulgent Jalebis, Gulkand Ki Phirni, Mawa Besan Barfi or enjoy a cup of masala chai made that would remind you of the good old carefree college days. Enjoy an afternoon of fun & laughter with your friends and family. While you have an extensive buffet laid out for you, they also have a dedicated kid’s play area to keep your tiny tots engaged and a menu that will please their taste buds.


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