The Temple Elephant

Seeking blessings from them on whom you have faith shouldn’t be difficult, no?

Well, I found it difficult! I had lot of faith on Him! I knew He would transform all my wishes to reality, yet I was afraid. I was scared of approaching Him.

The “Him” in this case was a mammoth elephant! He was a temple elephant. People had queued up to seek his blessings. All I had to do was place a 5 rupee coin on his trunk and bow in front of him. The elephant God will bless you! The mahout coaxed me and urged me to go ahead, all the while trying to convince me the elephant would do no harm. That was challenging for me. I stood watched other devotees cross me and walked confidently to the elephant.

After a long time I mustered up some courage, I inched forward, then paused and then moved few steps further and again halted. This time I took a deep breath and moved on, placed the coin on the extended trunk from a distance, shut my eyes and bowed to the elephant.
The mahout was right, the elephant didn’t harm me. I could feel the gentle touch of elephant’s trunk on my head. I relished the challenge! I am glad finally I overcame my fears and approach the gentle elephant!

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