The Snow Child – A Book Review

It had been a long time since I read a fairy tale! That is the reason why I was attracted to this novel: The Snow Child.

The story is set in Alaska, along the river Wolverine. It starts with a very practical situation where a childless couple having reached their middle age, are trying hard to overcome the tragedy of a miscarriage and the bitter cold. Things start in a very depressing note and I was left wondering whether I made the right choice of selecting the novel to review. As the story progressed I found the familiar fairy settings I was looking forward to. The author, Eowyn Ivey, took good care to weave today’s practical world well with unbelievable fairy tale like situations.

Mabel and Jack are the main characters; Esther and George join in adding life and fun to the story. Esther and George’s youngest son, a lover of wild mountain life, help Jack plowing, sowing and harvesting the rough patch of land. The snow child, Faina, adds mystery and magic. The story is inspired by a Russian fairy tale Little Daughter of the Snow by Arthur Ransome.

The language is sweet and simple. I enjoyed reading the portions where the author describes the beauty of Alaska. I now have a strong desire to visit Alaska at least once in this life time. Faina is a delight… somebody whom I will not forget for a long long time to come. Certain portions were too elaborate and dragging which could have been easily deleted to thin the book down. The end was predictable, in fact very easily predictable, what makes the reading interesting is the turns and twists in the story to reach the end.

There is no message in the book, but if you are a dreamer of fairy stuffs you will enjoy the book! Even otherwise you will enjoy the book, there is no harm in finding magic as described in these lines of the book: “that life itself is more fantastic and terrible than the stories we believed as children and that perhaps there is no harm in finding magic among the trees.

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