The Rhine Falls, Switzerland

One of the best day trips we made from Zurich is the visit to Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen. It is Europe’s largest waterfall. The height of the falls is not much just 23m, but the breadth is an impressive 150m.

Hordes of tourists crowded both sides of the falls. People kept pouring in continuously and it was difficult find a good spot to photograph. The spray rising like cloud from the falls created a rainbow which thrilled adults and children alike. Platforms are built in such a way that they extend over the falls and you feel as if the water falls will pour straight on to you. You can experience the power of falls standing directly under it.

There are trains every hour from Winterthur to Schaffhausen, if you miss one you will have to loiter around for an hour. So better time yourselves if you are ever there.

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