The Holy Savior Cathedral , Bruges, Belgium

St. Savior’s Church, Bruges; the present structure is from 17th century. It was built on the destructed remains of old parish church of 12th century. The French had destroyed this in the late 17th century. The interiors were still under renovation when we visited it in Apr’12.

Here are some pictures from the interiors. The Reliquary at St. Savior, Bruges.

The ceiling, my nech ached to get a proper shot of this view.

The statue of the bishop in marble, very beautifully sculpted details.

The huge stained glass windows, each picture telling a story. Wish I had enough time to grasp all.

The organ, one of my favorite subject to photograph inside a church.

Mahadwara, Inside Chitradurga Fort
Laces of Bruges

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