The Great Indian Food at Suryagarh Resort, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh Resort is not about Destination Dining alone! Their ‘in house dining facilities and services’ too are exemplary. I can never forget the great Indian food I had there. Suryagarh Resort by itself is a fantasy world, add to that their warm hospitality and to that add their innovative cuisines; once you experience all these exiting the place becomes difficult.

Innovative Cuisines. Have of you heard of them? At Suryagarh Resort, the Chefs construct cuisines. Yes, that is what they do. How else do I explain the The Royal Suryagarh Thali we had for dinner there? It is the confluence of cuisines of Bhatiar community and the locals of Rajasthan. Our tour guide specifically highlighted that the Bhatiar community came with Mughals in 12th and 13th century. They were the cooks of Mughal army. Some of them permanently settled down in Rajasthan. The chefs reinvented and reconstructed Bhatiyar style of cooking and made it their own.

Great Indian Food – Suryagarh Thali

First came a series of starters.
Dahi Ke Kebab, the name stuns you right? A very unique dish, made of Sago coated deep fried hung curd kebabs. The dish was flavored with cardamom and mace and served with tomato and herbs extract. Pathar Kutta Gosht, as the name suggests this was dish of goat meat kebab hand pounded on stone with black cardamom & cinnamon, served with walnut chutney, garlic and ker pickle. I have always had whole walnuts never as chutney and this was the tastiest version of all nuts I have tasted so far.  (Ker is a berry of Rajasthan, the green raw fruit is sour and is pickled. The ripe one too is used.) There was a continuous flow of wine too, I however settled for Neembu Pani, basil flavored citrus iced water.



Then came the parade of mains dishes.
Maas ke Kofte – minced goat meat dumplings simmered in stew and Murgh ka Mokul – Chicken morsels cooked in cashew nut gravy flavored with saffron & cardamom. Both these dishes had influences of Bhatiyar community. Khada Lasooni Palak – I totally relished this vegetarian dish of ‘Fresh Spinach sautéed with Garlic’. The rice based dish that was in main course was Jaisana Pulao – seal cooked basmati rice with vegetables, tempered with cumin & fennel.

I would be remiss if I don’t mention their Dal, Bati, Churma, tempered yellow lentils, unleavened baked wheat Roll, sweet wheat crumble with nuts & clarified Butter. After almost 8 years I was having this authentic version. I realized what we get in Bangalore restaurants by the same name taste so different. By this time we diners had almost reached our limits, but they did not listen to our reasoning.

At the end of this epic meal came the desserts!
Dessert, they said was simple. Yet to me it looked grand! The forever favourite Badaam ka Halwa – having ground almonds cooked with clarified butter & sugar. And Khajoor Ki Rabri – dates flavored condensed milk. Both were wiped clean and the plates looked as if the desserts never existed.


Stay Well Breakfast Curated by Sangeeta Khanna

Most mention worthy menu here is the ‘Stay Well’corporate program. Popular food blogger Sangeeta Khanna and the team at Suryagarh designed this healthy menu. The dishes range from millet waffles, ancient grains muesli parfaits, spiced probiotic congee variants, ragi dosas and even delicious millet based pooris with light subzi for their famous breakfast buffet. You will find Amaranth laddus and Flaxseeds barfi along with the traditional Rajasthani Dal Pakwan and Gujrati Dhokla with kadhi and much more.



The all day a la carte menu has included some millet based dishes like Ragi Burger sliders served with sauerkraut and Ragi based steamed Bao served with Kimchi. There is a special meal in a bowl that is designed after ancient grains and healthy stews.

Here is what the blogger, the maker of this menu, Sangeeta Khanna has to say about this program:

I appreciate the effort taken by Suryagarh to bring in the local produce into their menus and growing most of their exotic salad greens, heirloom tomatoes, exotic flowers and even cumin and chamomile during winter months when it is possible to keep the garden. Suryagarh is in fact making an exemplary effort to offer farm to fork experience even if it is for a short period of winter months, in the middle of nowhere. If Suryagarh can do it in the harsh desert of Thar, the hotels located in greener ports of the country can do it like a cakewalk.


Halwai Breakfast at Central Courtyard

As if the previous night’s epic meal wasn’t enough we were treated to a grand nourishing breakfast the very next morning by the team of Suryagarh Resort. The breakfast menu very lovingly stashed with traditional Indian sweets & savouries, showcasing the culinary art of the Halwai.


From Halwai`s Wok

The dishes served that morning were: Chaat, Savory Crisps with onions, tomatoes, chillies and coriander, dollops of seasoned yoghurt, tamarind and mint chutneys, and pomegranate seeds. That was very elaborate wasn’t it? Then we had Kachori - spiced lentils encased deep fried pastries, Mirchi Wada - peppers filled with potatoes, batter fried, Samosa- short pastry filled with potatoes, green peas & nuts. Poori Bhaji - whole wheat deep fried puffed bread, served with potato curry.

The dishes served that morning were: Chaat, Savory Crisps with onions, tomatoes, chillies and coriander, dollops of seasoned yoghurt, tamarind and mint chutneys, and pomegranate seeds. That was very elaborate wasn’t it? Then we had Kachori – spiced lentils encased deep fried pastries, Mirchi Wada – peppers filled with potatoes, batter fried, Samosa- short pastry filled with potatoes, green peas & nuts. Poori Bhaji – whole wheat deep fried puffed bread, served with potato curry.


Wait. After this above spread we were served with more.

Stuffed Parantha – Griddled Indian flat bread, stuffed with spiced vegetables, accompanied by: achaars & dahi (homemade selection of pickles and fresh yoghurt). And also Jalebi with Pista milk – deep fried refined flours crispies dipped in saffron syrup with cardamom flavored hot milk.

Homemade Indian Sweets & Savories: Selection of sweetmeats & savories prepared by Halwai Chef Gatta Ram.

Homemade Indian Sweets & Savories: Selection of sweetmeats & savories prepared by Halwai Chef Gatta Ram.

Suryagarh Resort hosted me from 15th to 18th September 2016. This experience is a part of that.




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  • I have once tried to enter in the Indian Restaurant before and I must say, I enjoy the food. These are the foods that everyone should taste. I can’t wait to visit India and would do a good food trip when I get to India. This made me hungry.


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